July 24, 2008

Makeup Haul: MAC Cool Heat Goodies!

After going on a full rant the other day about how rude some MAs (and SAs, I might add) can be, I thought it'd only be fair if you girls saw what I actually got from the MAC store.

(L-R) : MAC Gulf Stream (Frost), Blue Flame (Veluxe Pearl) and Cool Heat (Frost - I don't know why it turned up so BLUE. It's a lot more teal than blue in person).

So here they are, my MAC Cool Heat goodies! =) Check out the swatches after the jump.

It's so unfair that the girls in the US and UK are already enjoying the later collections (ie. Sonic Chic and Electroflash), but oh well, I'm enjoying my Cool Heat nontheless!

And here are the swatches!

As you can see, the colours are gorgeous, and they're not colours I really have, so no regrets with my purchase as far as products are concerned. They're priced at RM57 each.

If you were getting something from Cool Heat, what do you want most?


Askmewhats said...

although you encountered such a bad MA, at least, it's all worth it as the colors are wonderful!!!I wonder when cool heat will be arriving our shores! LOL

Syen said...

Yea, the products were worth it though. =)

Although, it's just sad isn't it, when we read of all the wonderful stuff that's out in the West,and all we can do is sit and wonder when it'll reach our shores. *Sniff sniff*

Hope it reaches you soon!

(Psst MAC, are you listening?) =P

Askmewhats said...

ME TOO! I won't hold my breath !