July 23, 2008

Travel Beauty 2: Liquid restrictions

As my first hop is London - Milan by plane, I am subject to the dreaded liquid travel restrictions. After that though it's all by train, so if I need another liquidy item or two along the way, I can pick it up.

So, what have I deemed too indispensible to leave behind and therefore crammed into my clear regulation-sized bag? Read on to find out !

In the above image, you'll see:
  1. A tiny tube or Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Handcream. Boring it may be, but for a tiny tube, the concentrated contents will go a long way.
  2. Just to the left of the hand-cream is a tiny vial of Shu Uemura's Deep Cleansing Oil. A tiny bit removes a lotta gunk.
  3. Renu Contact Lense Solution. Boots sells these cute travel-sized bottles now.
  4. The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Body Butter - I find the scent refreshing on long stressful journeys. And its doubles up quite nicely as a light handcream too.
  5. In the mini-jar tower I put: Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, Differin (prescription-strength anti-acne cream), The Body Shop's Seaween Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15, and Cetaphil Cream.
And on this side, see if you can spot:
  1. J&J Head-To-Toe Body Wash. My wonderful shampoo, body wash, face cleanser, makeup remover and emergency laundry detergent all in one.
  2. Cargo One Base - my love for this as a concealer or even a spot foundation in a pinch grows every day.
  3. Contact lense case.
  4. A small jar of OC Eight.
  5. A bottle of Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4 (I prefer 3 as I find 4 rather harsh, but this was leftover from my last trip).
  6. A tube of John Frieda Moisturising Conditioner. A little of this, goes a long way!
  7. And a tube of Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Eye Cream.
So what do you girls think? What would you add, take away, or change?


Tine said...

Omigosh, that's AMAZING!! That's a heck lotta stuff you managed to stuff into your bag! I'll be traveling in Sept too, and I'm definitely looking to this post as inspiration ;)

kahani said...

lol I managed to add EVEN more after the post! I added the nail polish and a small cream jar of TBS Vìt C Serum!

(Writing from Milan)

Syen said...

*Looks in disbelief*

You're amazing woman. I don't know how you manage to cram EVERYTHING in there! 0_o

Have a splendid time in Milan and everywhere else! =D

Anonymous said...

As product manager for OC Eight in the states, just gotta say that I love that OC Eight is worthy of your precious travel space!

Have an amazing trip!

Askmewhats said...

Yes! I love this post as I am a PRO crammer too! LOL I make sure not to bring full size bottle of anything liquid or cream when I travel!!! and it really saves a whole lot of space!!!
thanks dear!

kahani said...

Lisa: Lol strategic packing babe!

askmewhats: exactly! Those stacking cream jars are absolutely brilliant for this.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

u r so organized, most of my travel, i'm only bringing cleanser, moisturizer and sunblocks...no makeups at all, so that I wouldn't needed to bring along makeup remover... hahaha...