July 31, 2008

Travel Beauty 4: The Tools

Much as it grieves me, I can't tote along my entire arsenal of makeup brushes. So I've decided to stick (mostly) to what would fit into this handy Pouts makeup brush case. I chose it over my usual Body Shop roll because of its nice large mirror (which can only come in handy), and because I can slot it into my hanging-vanity.

Brushes in the picture (L-R):
  1. Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush - a great brush that transforms any mineral foundation into a heavy-duty concealer. It's like a product in a brush!
  2. MAC 266SE slanted eyeliner brush. Great for turning powder eyeshadows into liner, or creating a very intense wash of colour.
  3. Pout Small Eyeshadow Brush - the softest, nicest eyeshadow brush I've ever used. Deposits the perfect amount of colour, and it's nice and small to suit my itty bitty eyes.
  4. MAC 244SE blender brush - I would be lost without this!
  5. Pout Blusher Brush - great as a blush brush, densely bristled enough to apply mineral foundation in a pinch.
Not pictured:
  1. Pout retractable lip brush
  2. Youngblood Mini Buki to apply mineral foundation with. It has its own cute little travelling pouch, so it's the one that gets to come along!


Askmewhats said...

that is a nice looking brush set! :)

kahani said...

thanks! I was trying to resist bidding on it when i saw it on eBay, but in the end my resistance failed. =P No regrets though. The Pout brushes are wonderful! So sad the line was discontinued.

kuri said...

I'm really enjoying this series.

As I am packing for a trip myself (only a week-long one), I have to ask: so no need for an eyelash curler? I'm debating whether to take mine or not. Not sure I'll even be wearing much makeup, but I like to be prepared :P

kahani said...

hey kuri, thanks so much! And yes I've found myself missing my eyelash curler badly. But it was the big, bulky metal one and I wasnt sure if airport security would do a double take and assume it was some weapon of mass destruction.

So I ended up buying a flat, compact plastic eyelash curler at Sephora here in paris. *flutters now curly eyelashes* Do look out for one of those if you're traveling. They're not perfect but they're much better than nothing!

kuri said...

Oh, I have seen those compact plastic curlers around. I will go pick one up; the bulky metal one just doesn't make any sense to carry around. Thanks!

kahani said...

Glad to help, Kuri!