August 15, 2008

What's in My Makeup Bag ~

About a week ago, I got tagged by Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous on what's in my makeup bag. Well, err... honestly, I don't really carry a makeup bag around on an everyday basis.

Blasphemy, I know.

So, instead, I'll be showing you the contents of the makeup bag I brought with me to Hong Kong, which are mainly all my basic, staple makeup products. Skincare stuff were all in another bigger bag, which we'll leave, perhaps for another day. Happy viewing!

See if you can spot them:
You must be wondering then, where's the lipstick? Ah... I have another little case for the lippies which a dear aunt gave me years ago. It's big enough for three lipsticks and it has a big mirror too! Love it!

You didn't really think I'd go to Hong Kong with no lippies, did you? (This is the FIRST time I'm travelling with only TWO lipsticks! *beams* )

  • Sebamed lipbalm with SPF30 - This is good stuff that I cannot do without.
  • MAC Hug Me - For a neutral everyday look.
  • Maybelline Watershine lipstick in Kir Royal - To add a little shimmer oomph! =)

(From left: MAC Hug Me and Maybelline Kir Royal)

So ladies, that's what I brought to Hong Kong. What do you think? Too much? Too little? =P


Askmewhats said...

i love what's in your make up bag and i love your bag!

Syen said...

Hey Nikki, thanks! The bag isn't terribly big. I'm just glad I managed to cram all these stuff in. LOL.

As you can see, I'm nowhere quite near Kahani when it comes to packing. =P

Tine said...

Oh hey thanks for doing the tag! Wow, that's fantastic really. I'm still struggling on how NOT to bring so much makeup and skincare stuff with me to the US. Everytime I cut one item down, another one comes back up.

Love the lippie case though. Remember the brand, Giamax!! :D

Syen said...

Hi Tine!

LOL.. Thanks! I think space constrain is a good way to ensure you don't bring unnecessary stuff. I'm quite sure I would have brought more if only it could fit into the bag!

So I guess having this small makeup bag kinda helps me ensure I only bring what I think I'll really need.

But then, we ALWAYS "need" them, don't we? I totally understand your dilemma girl... LOL.

Happy packing!