August 10, 2008

For the guys: Smell like Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

When touring the royal chapel in the Hotel Des Invalidés, Paris (where they buried Napoleon in the massive-est tomb you've ever seen), I came across bottles of this cologne in the gift shop.

For €10, you can purchase a bottle of authentically recreated scent made from Napoleon Bonaparte's own recipe. And I gotta tell you guys, whether you're intent on conquering nations or no, it smells pretty good!

Spicy, and yet fresh with citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, the cologne is manly yet strangely metrosexual considering who it was made for. But then again, judging by the skin-tight red pants he made his army wear, perhaps the metrosexuality is understandable.

As it's a cologne and thus mostly water and alcohol, it doesn't last very long after application. However, you could do what the old boy used to do and drench a handkerchief in it, whipping it out to protect your nostrils from the stench of the battlefield.

I first came across this scent in a fascinating article in a National Geographic issues on perfume. The article even had a scratch and sniff panel and this scent is bang on (if memory serves). They had also recreated Cleopatra's perfume, which was suitibly spicy with cinnamon and frankincense. I wonder if it's possible to buy it today. I wouldn't mind swanning about smelling like Cleopatra.

Who else would you like to smell like? I personally would love to know what Helen of Troy used to cause all that havoc.

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