August 09, 2008

For one week only: Silk Naturals Eyeshadow Samples for 50¢

At last! Silk Naturals is, for a very limited time offering eyeshadow samples for only 50¢ each. With hundreds of shades (I'm guessing here, no way am I going to count), and a bunch of glorious clones to choose from, the temptation to go hogwild is hard to resist! Read on for what I've chosen to sample, and for my two favourite SN eyeshadow shades.

Shades I can't live without:
Nudge Nudge
This is the most amazing shimmering taupe shade in the world. It manages to be both warm and cool, and be great for a polished day-look AND a sizzling smokey eye. Don't ask me how Karen did this but she did.

I bought this, I confess, for its name. I'd received a sample of Wink Wink and could NOT resist buying its mate, Nudge Nudge. Now Wink Wink is a lovely sheer light silver shimmer, but I find myself ignoring it (except when pairing it with Nudge Nudge for a smokey eye look) and always reaching for Nudge Nudge.

It goes on with a slight shimmer and a medium tone when dry, but when you foil it (by adding some eyedrops), the shimmer amps up to metallic, the shade gets more intense and the result is pure va-va-voom. And even better, I've never known ANY shade to make my eyes look as large as this one can. Again, no idea how. Just try it. It really is a must-have shade for me.

In person, this shade is pinker and goldy-er, and pretty, pretty, pretty! Some pink shades make your eyes look diseased, trust me, this one won't. It's lovely one its own for a summery fresh look, as a highlight or mid-tone shade. I also love pairing this with Nudge Nudge.

Syen who is brilliant with eyeshadows (once she stopped buying only browns), helped me pick this out, and I can't thank her enough. Sent her a sample of it too. Hey girl, d'ya like it?

Shades I've chosen to sample:
As I'm looking for both the perfect brown shimmery shade in a mineral formulation and for the perfect green shades I've ordered:
Chocolate Twinkle
Grassroots Green

What are your choices?


Andrea said...

I HAD to try these!! I couldn't help myself lol!
I ordered:
eyeshadows in Bare, Boom, Dolce and Teak
And then i saw the other things lol so i got:
Climax Blush
Petal Blush
Heavenly Glow
Tahiti Sweetie Bronzer
Black Cherry Cream Liner!
I hope I like them!

kahani said...

I can vouch for Climax - I have a review of it hereabouts comparing it to Nars Orgasm. Have you seen it?

Petal I found too light for me, but if Benefit's Dandelion works for you, you'll love it. And I truly love Tahiti Sweetie =)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the update on the sale! I am taking a look at their site too many colors..too confusing! lol