August 19, 2008

Guest Review: Everyday Minerals Blush in Sunday Brunch

By Eli

Galahs were the first thing I thought of when I saw my free EDM sample of “Sunday Brunch”.

For those unfamiliar with Australian fauna, galahs are an Australian species of cockatoo dressed up in grey plumage with rose-pink faces and breasts. They are not an endangered species and can be found all over Australia.

I call them “Blushing Birds” because they look as if they had seen something terribly embarrassing and have never recovered from it since (pic below).

EDM’s website describes Sunday Brunch as: “a delicious raspberry sorbet shade that is ideal for all skin types. Just the right matte finish that you can dress up or dress down. A versatile and must have colour for every occasion.”

I didn’t realise that when EDM said “raspberry sorbet”, they meant “raspberry sorbet”. Sunday Brunch is a very warm red with brown undertones which made my eyes widen and eye it dubiously for the first 5 minutes. But now that I have got over the initial shock, I love it.

This blush is highly pigmented so apply with a very light hand (a sample last you ages). I usually dot a bit on both cheeks before blending like crazy – and I am not the fairest of people. It definitely isn’t something I would reach for in a rush, especially since the colour doesn’t wear off through the day.

I doubt that I would use this much once summer rolls around or when I am back in Malaysia unless I am attending a night function. Sunday Brunch seems more suited for chilly autumn and winter months because of its depth and warmth. It gives a lovely warm burst of colour on sallow winter skin, which is sorely needed in chilly Canberra right now (it is below 10°C today).

As for the EDM claim that Sunday Brunch is ideal for all skin tones… I wouldn’t take the risk if you are fair, unless you have very light hand, are genius at blending or own a wonder brush.

EDM blushes come in three sizes: sample, mini and big which costs US $2.50, US $4, and US $8 respectively. I forgot how much I paid for international shipping to my part of Australia (was getting some brushes so I picked up the free sample kit as well) but it arrived in less than 3 weeks.


Askmewhats said...

ohhh that blush looks really pigmented even on photos! I hear ya about samples lasting you for ages! i am lemming more on blushes now..and you're not helping at all!

Tine said...

I LOVE the Sunday Brunch. It's currently my favourite amongst the EDM blushes I have. You're right, it's highly pigmented, and it's easy to apply too much.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is in Canberra?

Do you mind passing her contact to me? You can leave a reply on my blog or something. I'm interested in heading to ANU for my PhD and I want to know how things are like in Canberra. The only thing I heard from someone else is that Canberra has big spiders @_@

kahani said...

Hey Karcy, I've shot her an email with your gmail account address and asked her to get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can hunt her down on facebook in my friend's list. =)

Eli said...

Nikki & Tine: I am always worried that a galah will jump on my shoulder and mistake me for a relative whenever I use this.

Karcy & kahani: I just emailed! Spiders in Canberra look like muscle-men actually. Big on top and slim towards the bottom.

kahani said...

eli: Or even worse, become amorously attracted to you and try to mate....