August 19, 2008

Review: Cargo Blu-Ray Pressed Powder

Words cannot describe my love for this pressed powder. I find it superior even to, can you believe it, Mac Blot! *pauses for gasps of amazement*

The superfine particles in the powder are undetectable when swept on with either a brush or puff. It's sheer so I can see it suiting a range of skintones. When applied, it leaves your skin with an airbrushed pore-less look that adapts to lighting conditions. I kid you not. It also looks amazing in photos. I'll take a pic when I find my camera cable!

Plus, it's long-lasting with superb oil-control. What more can you ask for in a powder? Well, the packaging makes it hard to find a puff to fit AND it looks identical to the Blue-Ray highlighter/blush and lip-gloss compacts. But otherwise, this baby goes straight into the "save-for-when-I-am-a-bridesmaid" pile.

Why save? Because Cargo is unobtainable in Malaysia. *cries* If you're near a Sephora, you'll find it in Europe for around €18 (this is from memory), or you can buy the entire set like I did for €60.


Janine Falcon . BEAUTYGEEKS said...

Better than M.A.C Blot?? *GASP!* Say it isn't so! I clearly have to try Blu-Ray. Sheesh.

Jacey said...

nooo! i was lemming this but decided to pass on it.. and your positive review ain't helping hehe ;)

Kahani said...

Janine: I find it better than Mac Blot because it makes your skin look sooooo good in any lighting. And its oil control seems on par, or even better as, even when your skin oils up, it doesn't show! And this is me roadtesting it in Malaysia which is, quite frankly, a sauna.

Cheeeezie: Aww...if it makes you feel any better. I'm terrified I'll run out of it now and only save it for special occasions!