September 01, 2008

Looks: My Almost-Signature Dark Grey Smokey Eye

So I had a wedding dinner to attend a few days back and I was in the mood for a little bit of glam. However, I didn't want to do a full-out smokey eye (think Keira Knightley), so here's a slightly toned down version of my favourite smokey eye. Hence the "almost-signature" in the title.

(Psst: Please ignore the eyebrows! They're due for threading again.)

Since I was first introduced to smokey eyes a few years back, I've played around and I realise that this is the look I always seem to fall back on and it's one that I love.

Amp up the drama by adding liner to lower lid, and smudging it for the ultra sexy smokey look. Or if it's subtle glam you want, just leave it as it is.

It really makes my eyes pop, and adds instant glamour to my look. It's Kahani approved *winks*, and I've always gotten compliments for it. =P

Here are the tools I used to create my smokey eyes this time round:

(MAC Royal Assets Smokey Eyes, from the 2007 Holiday Collection. Beautiful isn't it?)
  • MAC Royal Assets Smokey Eyes palette - I decided to use this instead of my beloved Silky Girls Smoky Sparks this time, but that works just as well!
  • Stila eyeshadow in Pewter - the darkest shade of grey I used for the look
  • Cyber Colours black eyeliner - any black liner will do
  • MAC #275 brush - perfect for washing on base shade, and blending!
  • MAC #266 brush - great for lining and smudging
  • A Maybelline brush I like (I got this as a gift)
  • Oooh, nearly forgot, Benefit F.Y. Eye Primer
How to recreate this look:
  • Apply Maid of Honour (top left shade) as a wash on primed eyelids with #275
  • Add Rondelle (top right) also as a wash for smokey eye with #275
  • Apply Knight (bottom right shade) into crease with #275
  • Line upper eyelids with black eyeliner
  • Use #266 to apply Pewter over the liner, and smudge out the line
  • Use Maybelline brush to add a little Pewter in crease, especially in the outer V. As I have a small crease, I use this brush to contour the eyeshadow into the outer corner of my eye sockets for more definition.
  • With the #275, apply Knight lightly to soften any harsh lines. Remember to blend blend blend!!!
  • Again with #275, apply Rondelle to highlight the brows.

That wasn't too difficult now, was it?

To complete the look, I wore The Body Shop blush in #1 Blush Pink with MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle for the pop. It's a gooooorgeous combo. =) And for the lips, Estee Lauder lipstick in Tiramisu (it even SOUNDS delicious).

Here's the final result. With a blur-ified Kahani in the background (sorry!). But well, it IS her room. =P


Askmewhats said...

wow!!! that is a smoky eye look but not that STRONG! I love that you can use this for daytime!

MisSmall said...

Yeah I agree, it's subtle enough for daytime too, so it's even better. :)

Syen said...

Hey ladies!

Nikki: LOL.. Hmm.. I've never tried it for day time but yea, I think its definitely rockable for day wear. =)

Missmall: =D hope you'll try it out sometime soon! Would love to see you rock it girl!