September 26, 2008

Shu Uemura Fukubukoro Promotion

When Syen and I get together, our wallets suffer. Big time. The two of us were in 1 Utama yesterday evening having dinner when she mentions a Shu Uemura promotion. Now it's not often Shu Uemura has a promotion, let alone one this generous.

So we decide to just "walk by". And in walking by we decided to just "check it out". Which subsequently progressed to, "what colours are good"? And before long we're standing outside, each (possessively) clutching a Shu Uemura black and white bag.

Ah well.

In our defense, we didn't buy a set each but split one. We got the "Lucky Set" - I took the Ultimate Expressions Mascara (RRP RM85), and the Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner (RRP RM90) both in Black. And with Syen's recommendation, I selected a pressed eyeshadow in ME Brown 850 (RRP RM65) which comes highly recommended by the amazing Cavewoman whose recommendation single handedly had Syen walk out and buy this shadow at full price. I can't wait to review it myself! I love taupes and this is rumoured to be something special.

Syen, meanwhile, got her hands on a Rouge Unlimited lipstick (RRP RM68) in OR565, Glow On Blush (RRP RM75) in P47 Peach (peach is just so Syen) and a 50 ml bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil (less than RM50). She was sadly denied her choice of blush colour, but Lee Li, the lovely Makeup Assistant agreed to contact her when it was back in stock.

Plus we got a membership card to share between us that provides two free eyebrow trimming sessions, two makeovers, and two workshops. So all in all, I'm not feeling TOO guilty. *sheepish grin*

The above promotion is available in 1Utama, MidValley, KL Pavilion, KLCC, Sunway Pyramid and Jusco Tebrau. It's valid while stocks last but we're given to understand that it's going like hot cakes. So, girls, if you're interested, get yourself to a Shu counter. Now.

Run, woman, RUN!

PS: The wonderful-ness of this promotion is that you get to choose the colour of your choice (yes, ANY colour) for each of the products! How cool is that? =P


Anonymous said...

I saw this in a brochure too. Thank goodness I stopped shopping at Shu :) Still, splitting a set ain't too bad ;)

Kahani said...

Hey Parisb! Why'd you stop shopping at Shu?

Anonymous said...

The Lucky set + eyebrow trimming + makeovers + workshop sounds like a really good deal! Oh why did you have to tempt me?!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Looks like I have to stay away from Shu Uemura counters for a while... :p

Syen said...

Missmall: It DOES sound like a really good deal, huh? It's still a tad pricey for one person to get a set. But if you can find a buddy who'll share it with you, I find it rather worth it. =P

This is also pretty much the first time Kahani and I are venturing into Shu. We thought it was a great time to try out some stuff from them without having to fork out for full-priced items. =P

YZ: LOL. Are you a frequent visitor to their counters? =P

Anonymous said...

I use their cleansing oil and I only have good things to say about their eyeshadows and blushes. Good choice on the Glow On, I remember loving the Peach too, though I'm not sure if it's the same shade as yours, but most of their blushes are really pigmented and smooth.

You gals have to do a review on the ME Brown 850 soon. I've heard so much about the original ME Silver 945!

Kahani said...

missmall: I love their cleansing oil too, but it's too pricey for me at the moment. One day! And truth be told once I figure out my perfect shade of blush from them I may give in and "invest" in one.

Review of the ME Brown 850 coming up soon. =) Although Syen who has owned it longer could also review it. However if you read the review of BB's Lavender Metallic I put up, there's a swatch of the ME Brown 850 on it. I thought I'd just save myself an extra pic. =P