September 17, 2008

A burst of Pink Grapefruit: The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Puree Body Lotion

Light as it is, in Malaysia even my beloved Pink Grapefruit Body Butter can be too heavy. Especially after a morning shower when you need to slap it on, throw on the clothes and dash out the door. Hopefully in that order.

But give up my beloved pink grapefruit scent I will NOT. So when I tested this product out in The Body Shop I was delighted! The texture is of a light gel-cream that turns into water which sinks in immediately leaving a refreshingly cool sensation. Fun!

The scent is slightly more tart than the butter and doesn't linger as long. I prefer the butter on this count, but in this humid climate, I'll put up with a slightly less than perfect scent over sticky legs any day.

It seems to moisturise just enough, keeping my shins smooth and flake free. It also does make for very silky skin after prolonged use.

But For climates that don't resemble a swamp however I can't imagine that this really light lotion would provide enough moisture. Unless your skin is very oily, or your summer is really humid, this just won't work that well in a temperate climate. It really is the lightest of lotions.

I bought this for RM42, making it slightly cheaper than the price in the UK - £8.


ParisB said...

There should be a warning not to add this Puree to fruit tarts :P heh... Body Shop fruit scented products always smell good enough to eat and I like the Pink Grapefruit range too.

GlossQueen said...

Oh, this sounds lovely, I want it now!

kahani said...

parisB: I agree! The other incredibly edible scent they have is the Christmas Cranberry scent. I can never resist that range and I adore the shimmering body lotion.

glossqueen: It is lovely, but don't forget it's a very very light lotion. =)