September 15, 2008

Review: Cargo Blu Ray Blusher / Highlighter

This blusher is psychedelically cool. When I saw it in Sephora, it was a cool light pink under the bright flourescent lighting. But in the hotel room, it was the Orgasm-like shade in the picture. Now in my room it's a warm pink with gold flecks.

According to Cargo, this is due to the "photochromatic pigments" that adjust with ambient lighting. So no matter what environment you're in it will always look "perfectly glowing".

Oh heck I'll just quote the rest of what they said: the irregular particle size diffuses light and creates an optical blurring that gives the look of a softer, more refined complexion. This ultra-soft formula is oil-free and suitable for all skin types and complexions."

So, does it deliver?

Without having walked around with a mirror checking myself out in all lighting situations, I'd have to say it does deliver in that it always seems to look subtle, glowing and pretty.

When I use posietint, I use it under my foundation, so although the colour shows through, it can look a trifle flat. I love dusting this blush over when I'm done to really make my cheekbones pop. It also looks absolutely amazing when paired with a bronzer. A little goes a long way, so I just "touch" the blush brush to it and that's enough for one cheek.

The powder is very finely milled and the shimmer is of the candlelit variety, not the discoball everybody-dance-now genre. I find myself reaching for this more than Orgasm or its dupe, and now I have to hold back as I can't bear finishing it off as there's no replacing it.

I bought this blush as part of the Cargo Blu Ray collection. But if you live in a land where Cargo abounds (ooh how I envy you), you can also purchase this blush/highlighter individually.


FlowerPixie said...

This sounds really really tempting.....Oh man! Why is it not available for me to try! Well, I thk it is not in Melbourne....Any ideas?

kahani said...

Hi flowerpixie, I don't think it's available in Melbourne either =( Cargo seems to only be available in Canada, the US and wherever there's a Sephora. There are a few online retailers too, so you'll have to use google-fu to see if any send to Melb.

MisSmall said...

Reading about all these beauties not available to us this end of the globe (and watching them on youtube)just makes me feel like planning a "beauty-hauling" trip to US! Doesn't help that the shipping fees had skyrocketed due to the rise in fuel price and it almost doesn't justify buying anything online anymore. Oh what's a gal gotta do?

kahani said...

missmall: organise a beauty-buying tour to the US. Make money doing it AND buy all the beauty stuff you want! ;)

flowerpixie said...

if you think shipping from US is ex...trying shipping from australia. It's a definite killer