September 17, 2008

My Everyday Minerals brushes have (finally) arrived!

Oooooh boy!

My Everyday Minerals parcel has finally arrived, just when I was starting to get worried that it would never reach Malaysian shores. You see, (it's a secret between us, ok? Promise?) this is my FIRST makeup online order, and I just wasn't too sure how long it would take. *blush*

And what I really, reeeally wanted to get were some of the EM brushes, thanks to this post by Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous. Lemmings, lemmings!

And now it's heeere! So, let's take a look!

I bought three brushes: (from top) Flat-top Brush (USD10), Eye Kabuki (USD7) and Long-handled Kabuki (USD10). So in other words, I'm swimming in kabukis right now! =D

(The Long-handled Kabuki: It's dome shaped and just lovely for applying powder. I've tried it with the Silk Naturals Tinted Oil Control Primer and it works just lovely!)

(The Flat-Top brush: Haven't tried this for anything specifically yet, but it looks very dense. Here's to hoping it'll be as wonderful as this Stila brush, which costs erm.. about 7x more. =P )

(Eye Kabuki: I have a thing for eye shaders, and this just screamed out to me. It'll do a wonderful job of shading, and it's totally killed my lemming for this Clinique brush. For now, anyway. LOL.)

These brushes look well-made, and are all synthetic. And they're Oh. So. Soft! Considering how much brushes can cost, I feel these are definitely worth their price tags.



FlowerPixie said...

I agree. the brushes are good! I got their angled blush brush! I love it for contouring

Syen said...

Hey flowerpixie! Yea, I was rather impressed with the quality of their brushes.

I've only had them for a few days, but am already very happy with them. =)

I didn't get the angled brush, but I might should I get more stuff from EM in future. =P

Andrea said...

Oooh they look nice! I recently went mad on the everyday minerals site after i tried their sample foundation & concealer which i really liked! Now i've bought $40 worth of stuff when i only went on for the concealer lol :s including the flat top & long handled kabuki brushes! Can't wait to get them they look really nice! I've wanted a flat top for a while!

Syen said...

Hi Andrea,

Hahah.. how I know that feeling! I don't blame you for going nuts buying makeup. I do it myself pretty frequently. =P (my purse isn't too pleased, though)

Enjoy the brushes! =)

Askmewhats said...

I HEART the kabuki brush, I've been thinking back and forth buy one or not!!! But I stopped ...darn! and now looking at your purchase, i want again :(

Syen said...

Nikki: *tee hee hee* =D Well, honestly, I'd say it's worth its price. Not terribly pricey for a brush of this quality.

Askmewhats said...

Syen, after spending so much in HK, I told myself I won't shop for anything til the end of the year :( And I haven't finished a week and I'm lemming for something again :(

GlossQueen said...

Those brushes look great and I want another flat top brush too. Glad you're liking your new things.

So is this the start of a new internet shopping habit Syen?

Syen said...

Nikki: Ooooh boy. You're in trouble, aren't you? LOL. Tell ME about it. I just got back from HK too! And already I'm back to shopping like mad. We're BOTH in trouble!

But well... I'm guessing EM's brushes will still be around next year. *crosses fingers* So maybe that'll help you stick to the plan? =P

glossqueen: Oh yes, me liking them a lot. As for the shopping habit part, err... I HOPE NOT! LOL.

shasta said...

I'm not impressed with their minerals, but I'm definitely in love with their brushes!

Syen said...

Shasta: I can't comment on their other products as I've never tried them, but I agree, their brushes are pretty good so far! =)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Tine said...

Looks like EDM has improved their brush handles to bamboo. That's great. Glad you got and like the brushes. I love 'em!

Syen said...

Hey Tine: Oooh.. I didnt even notice that they changed the handles to bamboo until you mentioned and I looked at your brush pics again! LOL.

Thanks for your post, they got me lemming for these lovely brushes in the first place! =P