September 27, 2008

Got oily skin? Still looking for a sunscreen? Try Sunplay!

Update June 23: I'm not sure why, but on my second bottle, Sunplay started causing bad breakouts on me. Even when I stopped using it on my face and used it on my face and neck, it still broke me out. =(

Oily skinned girls (like me) living in crazy humid countries (like me) appreciate how hard it is to find a truly oil-free, non-greasy, light sunscreen that WORKS. Well for those of us residing in Asia, rejoice because Sun Play Clear Water SPF50 is here to answer ALL your needs.

This watery formulation dries down to a clear finish that is matte and long lasting. It also feels great going on by the way. It also makes a pretty good base for foundation but be careful to apply lightly and let it dry fully or it'll ball up.

What makes this so ideal for oily, acne-prone complexioned gals is that it uses physical sunblock zinc oxide, and not chemical sunblocks like Avenobenzone. So it is far less likely to cause irritations and breakouts. The drawback is that it may leave a whitish cast on your skin (although this formula really is very sheer). For most fair to medium girls though this shouldn't be a problem.

This sunscreen is also pretty water resistant and I've worn it for indoor rock climbing, jogging, and walking in Malaysia's blazing hot sun over the years without any ill effects. It also promises to have Aloe Vera in it so it should be very slightly moisturising.

A full-sized 50ml bottle (pictured) retails for about RM27, but I also love to find tiny 5ml jars that cost only RM3.90 They're great to test this product out if you're cautious and amazing for travel. You can find the full sized jars in any Guardian, Watsons and Sasa, but the smaller ones are more readily available at Sasa.

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