September 29, 2008

Because she loves me too!: Bobbi Brown Lavender Metallic Eyeshadow

Syen was in the midst of a discount cosmetic buying frenzy, when she spots this bee-yoo-ti-ful eyeshadow and is reminded of my insane love for all things purple.

(I even have a purple dragonfly tattooed on my shoulder. I also have an insane love for dragonflies)

This eyeshadow (£14) creates a lovely sheer shimmery wash of lavender that is quite distinctly purply. It's very soft and pigmented, I find just touching my eyeshadow brush to it picks up enough pigment for a wash of shadow.

It's also nicely longlasting. I used this over a base of Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (review pending!), and used SN Mineral Eyeshadow in Bittersweet as a crease shade. However at the end of the day, Bittersweet, which I didn't foil, had faded quite a bit while lavender was still going strong.

Overall I'm genuinely enjoying playing with this eyeshadow - it's breaking me out of my "nude rut" (ok that sounds dirty) where I tend to only reach for natural or nude shades of shadow. Here I've paired the eye look with SN Embrace (dupe of BB Mauve Blush), SN Kisser Slicker in Seedy, and a Magenta top (yes I matched my top to the eyeshadow!). What do you think?


MisSmall said...

I wanna be Syen's friend!! So I can 'tumpang" her for discounted

I can't pull off light purple on my eyelids, I'll look really washed out. But I like it on you. Maybe pair it with a deeper shade of purple eyeshadow? Or that GORGEOUS ME Brown 850!

Syen said...

Missmall: LOL.

Trust Kahani to keep a secret. Tsk tsk tsk. It was just that rare occasion where there were a few extra products lah, not "makeup buying frenzy" as Kahani said. =P

I DO wish there was a makeup emporium where I work. LOL.

kahani said...

Missmall: Pardon my tendency to exaggerate for the sake of a fun story. =P

But Syen's a great friend to have makeup or no!