October 14, 2008

Benefit deal: Free Miss Popularity Highlighter voucher!

Hey girls, I have to share with you this amazing deal over at Beaut.ie that prompted me to go bazookas and spend more on Benefit than I can afford. Eek!

The voucher code at this glorious Irish beauty site will get you a free Miss Popularity, shimmering white highligher worth US$24 if you spend US$50 or more at Benefit. Simply go here, and follow the instructions! This deal is valid until Oct 30.

So what did I buy? Read on to find out.


My success with Posietint has left me with a lemming for the original Benetint that no amount of dupes could satisfy. There are somedays when you just don't feel pink, y'know?

And of course there's the jusfitication that a bottle lasts "forever".

So when I saw this amazing offer, all my defenses came crashing down and I caved and bout it. At US$28 though it is about RM40 cheaper than the local price of RM139!

So to qualify for the offer, I HAD (they made me!) to spend US$50 and over, and so needed to find US$22 to spend. But the only product I really wanted enough to pay full price for was Boi-ing concealer, and that was US$18.. not enough! Justine Case had ceased to tempt me as I'm buying a full-sized Benetint... oh it was hard!

And then I spotted this brand spanking new kit! It not only had Boi-ing concealer in shade 02 which I wanted to try, it also had the creaseless cream shadow/liner in a neutral shade I was meaning to check out as an eye primer, three shadows that look remarkably like their Big Beautiful Eyes kit which I have been secretly lemming (mostly because of the name), eye bright instant eye brightner which, had it been cheaper I would have snapped up long ago, and a BADgal mascara another item I've been lemming but can't bring myself to buy at full price. AND it has two brushes which reviews have praised, and instructions (I loooove instruction pamphlets. It's a weakness). All that for US$34 just seemed like too good a deal to pass up.

So I bought it. YES I did... and now I'm counting my pennies wondering if I should give up food altogether. *sighs*

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