October 12, 2008

Silk Naturals: Colours for a Cure

So far, So Loverly hasn't really been getting into the October - Breast Cancer Awareness month gig. Although I'm all FOR the month I'm not sure I advocate the big companies making so much money off it by repackaging their products in pink and donating miniscule amounts to breast-cancer research. Silk Naturals though, is not a large company, and they are donating over 50% of the price you pay for these special edition (not pink packaged) colours Karen created especially for the month. Read on for image swatches and promotion details.


Karen has really gone all out to make the lippies as "decadent" as possible. These black label lippies are "100% natural, over 80% organic, fortified with cranberry and passionfruit oils". I normally eschew shimmery lipsticks, but as these are blinged up with 23k edible gold leaf - so how can I resist? The two colours are Carpe Diem - a golden rose / berry coloured lippie, and Monarch - a sheer coppery lippie with lots of gold.

I love reds, especially ones with neutral / berry undertones so I've already ordered Carpe Diem! Also I'm a sucker for the name. Monarch looks like it may be useful as a layer-shade but I have doubts as to how well copper would go with my skintone, so I decided to pass it ups.

The lippies are US$9.95 each and no less than US$6 will go to the Susan J Komen Foundation!

These eyeshadows were launched at an absolutely perfect time for me. I was about to buy Cream, a shimmery off-white coloured shadow from SN to use as a base shade, and I was also looking for a nudish, taupe-brown shade. Both of which are in this collection!

Live, Laugh and Love were named for a wonderful woman who goes by the nickname "Mikie" on the SN Forums who I believe has survived Breast Cancer with grace and spirit. She is a bubbly fount of joy on the forums, and her encouraging signature, "Live! Love! Laugh! They'll wonder what we're up to!" inspired Karen to create this collection.

The collection costs US$11.95 - US$7 of which will go to Susan J Komen.

To encourage her devoted following to spend even more, Karen has also introduced a new, and permanent gift with purchase offer. Every few weeks she'll create a special, Limited Edition shade that will be given away free with orders of US$25 or more.

This month's shade is halloween and pumpkin inspired, Superstar - a glimmery, blackened golden peach eye shadow that is supposed to complement the Colours for a Cure collection.

If you still want more details, check out Karen's blog.


petra said...

50% is actually pretty good. I am softening...

Btw, the company that produces Vaseline animal tests. Do you know of any product that would replace it? I have lippy, Nivea soft and makeup remover, but was wondering, still - Vaseline is a great all purpose product!

kahani said...

Hey Petra, I'll convert you to SN yet!

Now for natural-loving enthusiasts, replacing Vaseline is a big problem as it is essentially petroleum-based jelly. The closest I can think of that nature-lovers adore is Smith's Rosbud Lip Salve, the Badger Balms, and Rose & Co balms, any of these ring a bell?

Eli said...

Kahani, you have no idea. I sent the link to Pet a few days ago and she was like, "Can I get the lippie and eyeshadows for Christmas?"

Eek. And I am supposed to be on a no buy until the end of the month. But "Carpe Diem" looks... so... pretty...

Ghost said...

I have already order my Colours for a cure. I order the e/s and both lippies, well I didn't but my mum did for my b.day at the end of the month. So even though they should show up in a day or so I have to wait over a week still : (. But the colours are worth the wait and their weight in edible gold I'm sure.

kahani said...

eli: lol... uhh promise yourself no FURTHER buys? =)

Ghost: OOh welcome back girl! Have missed you, I understand though that since I'm no longer in the UK this blog is less relevant to you. Hang in there you'll get your beauty booty eventually.

Andrea said...

I'm still waiting for my silk naturals order from early last month. I contacted them and they said they would send me another out but still no sign. :( It's been forever!

kahani said...

Oh dear, hang in there Andrea, usually I get mine in a week or so and have never had any problems either in Malaysia or in the UK. Sometimes customs sits on it for a bit.

Tine said...

Wow, 50%? That is impressive. And I do agree with you that a lot of big-brand companies do repackage their products just in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness, when in fact they profit a lot more because of it (come on, 10% of what they charge? That miniscule amount of donation!)

Oooh I'm liking the eye shadows! Although I am kinda out of the mineral makeup phase now (oopsie), I am rather tempted to get the lovely taupe :)