October 10, 2008

Mac Conversion II: Select Cover Up Concealer in NC35

When my HG Concealer, Cargo One-Base, started running out I flat out panicked and started frantically researching for a replacement concealer - knowing full well that Cargo was inaccessible to me. *wails at fate*

Thanks to One-Base I had renewed faith in the killer combination of liquid concealers and my trusty foundation brush (from The Body Shop) to create the perfect seamless coverage. Makeupalley reviews led me to this concealer, and while I regret that it is Mac, at RM65 it really isn't too bad a buy!Besides a promise of high coverage, and a long-lasting but natural finish, what really sold me on this concealer was the suggestion that it could easily be mixed with a moisturiser to form a foundation / tinted moisturiser (depending on your lotion : concealer ratio).

As a concealer
Under the eyes, it does provide a fairly natural coverage greatly minimising undereye circles without creasing overmuch during the day - although I must admit to some creasing at the end of the day. To fully cover dark circles, I dab an illuminating concealer (such as Boots No7 Instant Radiance Concealer) over and blend out with a brush. This two-step combo works wonders!

It also works well to conceal blemishes, although when I use a mineral foundation I must be careful to set it fully with powder before brushing on my foundation or it displaces the concealer utterly. I also have to use a really light hand when applying my foundation wet, and have taken to applying it dry and spritzing it with a misting spray to set otherwise the concealer gets rubbed off.

As a concealer I don't believe it clogs me up too badly as I only use it in spots. But I'm still not happy that I have to worry about it at ALL.

As a foundation / tinted moisturiser
This is where this concealer comes into its full value! I find that when combined with Vichy's Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Moisturiser (review coming up when it hits a month!) it forms the perfect mattifying foundation! And I'm also amazed at how little of both is needed to cover my entire face. Just a few drops on the back of my hand, rubbed in with my fingers or swiftly applied with the brush creates a lovely natural looking finish that (of course) perfectly matches the concealer. Also the lovely light texture of the moisturiser isn't compromised so you'll barely feel it on your skin.

The only reason I don't use this full time is that I believe it clogs me up and causes me to break out than when I'm only using mineral foundations. Also I find that it has a tendency to oxidise leaving me slightly more bronzed than when I set out - I may buy it in a lighter shade the next time round IF I repurchase.

However, this method of application - terms of finish and lasting power - exceeds that of Mac's Select SPF 15 foundation (which I received a sample of on request. Yes, I got a NICE MA!). I also believe that the foundation caused me to breakout something fierce (worse than the concealer) which makes it an instant bad boy in my books.

I also received a sample of Prep & Prime Skin - for me, the jury is still out on this one. I'm not convinced one way or another, and as the sample is tiny I may never actually decide. But I will say that it does perform better when applied with a brush and without moisturiser. I'm going to try using it under my concealer + moisturiser combo and see how it goes.

So overall I think this concealer needs to be improved in terms of lasting power (it does last, but not forever), making it non-comodogenic, and colour integrity (I do NOT like going ORANGE!) before I repurchase. So I'll use this up for now, as it isn't appalling but if anyone can point me in the direction of a better liquid concealer I'll be forever greatful! Suggestions?


MisSmall said...

I'm lemming on Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream (for blemish) and Lift Concealer (for undereye). I've heard raves about both of them, but am too lazy to drag my arse down to MUFE counter. :P

And yes, my Mac Select SPF 15 foundation clogged pores and breaks me out too. Which is a shame, because it glides on so smoothly!

kahani said...

Hey Missmall: Ironically I checked both those out on MUA and it was the negative reviews that convinced me to try Mac.

And yes BOO to Mac! After all this time surely they can make a non-comodegenic foundation!