October 08, 2008

Mac Conversion: I love Mac Paint Pots in Painterly!

Yes ladies, I fear it is true. After my boast about my non-addiction to Mac Cosmetics, I now have to eat my words because I am now addicted to not one, but TWO Mac products! *hides face in shame* I have succumbed to Mac's Paint Pots (RM75) and their Select Cover Up Concealer in NC35 (RM65). In my defense though neither product were chosen for their Mac-ness or even for pure aesthetics, but for performance and (believe it or not) affordability.

This review is for the Paint Pot in Painterly, and not as an eyeshadow but as an eye primer. Sadly living in humid Malaysia I find that my eyeliner runs everywhere (yes even THIS liner ran amok on very hot day!) and my eyeshadow fades. Unacceptable! So I discussed with Syen on eye primers, and decided that a Paint Pot in a nude shade offered the best value price-wise and performance (based on MUA reviews).

Painterly is THE perfect nude shade on me. It just disappears into my eye area, brightening it up ever-so-slightly. Some prefer Bare Canvas because it is shimmery, and who knows I may get it someday. However for a first shade, I felt that Painterly would be the best all-round investment as it creates a perfect canvas without altering the shadows used over it.

As a primer, this product certainly doesn't disappoint! My shadows apply more vibrantly over, and they last much much longer - even my loose mineral shadows. My eyeliner also stays put all day, it may fade slightly, but there is no smudging or running (thank goodness!). At the end of long, hot, sweaty days my eye makeup looks stunningly fresh.

I'll admit I've never used any other eye primer in my life, so I feel rather underqualified to judge this one's quality, happy though I am with it. When Syen gets a go at this, we'll append her more knowledgeable views. ; )

When choosing between a Paint Pot and a Paint tube, the pot won hands down despite its higher price and reviews stating that Paints actually performed better as primers. It all comes down to application, I just couldn't FACE a squeezy tube that would run amok when I'm rushing for work in the mornings.

Applying from the pot though is killingly simple. You can use your finger, but I prefer to use the small Mac Concealer brush that came with a Christmas set I purchased many moons ago. A dab and a few quick swipes and the lid is done. The brush also allows me to apply a fine line of the product on my lower lids to help keep my rebellious liner in place. Very little product is needed and a pot is going to last me ages.

To aid blending I always swipe a light shimmery base powder shade over everything before proceeding with my mid tone and crease shades.

So thus begins my downfall as I slide ever deeper into the world of Mac fandom. How much longer will it be before I begin to collect their blushes and eyeshadows fanatically? I shudder at the thought whilst clutching my beloved Paint Pot.


Anonymous said...

And the MAC gods have their revenge!

How is the concealer treating you? My bestie trialed it and she had a desert crack under her eyes at the end of the day. 0_0 We got Bobbi Brown instead.

Kahani said...

that review is due Friday. But thus far I'm only half pleased =(

AskMeWhats said...

I have never tried MAC Select concealer but I've tried Painterly and I love it too! I've been using Soft Ochre and Painterly on different days and both looks great on e/s!!!Some people find this one still creases their e/s but I don't! I love this too!

Anonymous said...

I can do a review of the Bobbi Brown concealer for you and Syen if neither of you use it.

Syen said...

Eli: Yes please! I am sorely lacking when it comes to concealer-fu. =P

Anonymous said...

i love BB concealer i use it everyday now.
Also like the mac select alot. I used that all the time when i was in NY - It covered my dark circles from lack of sleep a treat lol and stayed on all day in the humid weather.
it's great, I even had my sister wanting to steal it for herself haha

Petra said...

Oh, excellent. MAC is not animal tested and one of my flatmates raves by their foundation, even if I prefer minerals myself.

(kept mixing them up with Max Factor which tests on animals)

Yes. Expect lots of comments approving non animal tested stuff. Cosmetics shopping made sense to me once I turned it into a political cause. =p

Kahani said...

LOL I'm amused how the concealer comments are flooding in BEFORE the concealer review comes out.

Eli: Oh yes, please do! I've always assumed that BB concealers are too emollient for my oily skin so I won't buy or review them (until she comes up with a lighter matte formula). Can't wait for your review, girl!

Andrea: Oh I wish Mac Select worked as well for me. Stand by for the review and you'll see my gripes!

Petra: LOL you know if you comment with "Bastards!! They test on wee furry things!" or "Nice people! No animal-testing here" that will save me having to look up each company. ;) Keep it up, babe. Btw had no idea Max Factor tested on animals. =( That's boo, I'll mention it when I review their mascara.

Petra said...

Done! Will wait for your Max Factor review - I'm currently obsessed with the Skin Deep website. This is their least toxic mascara: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/product.php?prod_id=69310&refurl=%2Fbrowse.php%3Fbrand_id%3D708%26

If you like I can post comments on cancer alerts too. Am waiting for finals to be over so that I can read 'Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me' - want to understand what is dangerous, effective or what not scientifically.

Kahani said...

Petra: Cancer alerts I'd like to be careful with - since a lot of it is relatively unproven and MAY (if applied at 1000X cosmetic concentration on one spot continuously for a year) cause cancer.

Petra said...


Anonymous said...

Haha. So another non-MAC-believer that caved. Be careful, sweetie, once you go MAC, you normally don't go back. It's just gonna snowball from now on. Don't ask how I know. :P

Kahani said...

LOL you girls have commented so thoroughly on concealers in THIS post that you have no comments left for the actual concealer review! *grins*

Missmall: I think that my descent into Mac fandom has been partially halted by the shoddy concealer. =( I'm going to have to conclude that they are a colour line, and not much more.

Tine said...

I'm still boycotting MAC, so can't comment much here, tee hee. They are coming up with so many pretty collections though.

Damn principles :P

Syen said...

Tine: Out of curiosity, why are you boycotting MAC on principle? =P

Naveen Soni said...

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