October 05, 2008

New Brand: Stage Cosmetics

Hey ladies! Many apologies that the posts seem to be going a little slow in the last few days. I've been terribly bogged down by work and Kahani wasn't too well (what with walking her Beagles in the rain and all).

The good news, however, is that we're getting back on track. Kahani's been a darling and she's got (*cough MAC cough*) posts lined up for you all and I have news to share!

Prowling through Mid Valley Megamall over the weekend, I came across a new outlet and a new brand of cosmetics called Stage. (Pardon the poor photo quality, I had no camera with me then, so the camera phone had to do.)

Read on to find out a little bit more.

I spoke to one of the Sales Assistants, Ting, and asked him a little bit about the brand and the products. According to him, Stage is a homegrown (Malaysian) brand but with products which are made in Switzerland (some, not all). It's only two weeks old.

I asked if they had a website to browse through, and he gave me this address, but it's not quite up and running yet. But it looks rather intriguing though, I must say.

The general feel of the outlet looks rather well put together. Black seems to be the running theme (as with MAC, Make Up For Ever, Make Up Store etc.). I had a quick run-through the products, but didn't stop to check out everything.

I had a go swatching a few eyeshadows and blushers, and although it did feel very finely milled, I thought it could be improved, pigment wise. Colour choices were also rather limited, but not bad for starters.

As for the price tags (IF I remembered correctly, so please don't quote me on it), I felt it was rather reasonable as the blushers go for RM58, lipsticks (RM40+), and eyeshadow (RM45). Well, it should be thereabouts. Now I havent tried any product, so I can't say for sure whether the price tag is justified.

I asked Ting what their star product was, and he introduced me to an oil-based makeup remover, which he claimed could remove water-proof mascara etc. And another product he highlighted was a primer which he claimed would also hydrate your skin.

I cannot verify any of these claims as I have personally not tried anything from them. But just so you know, there's a new brand called Stage.

If anyone's tried any product, let me know what you think. Would love to hear a holler from you girls.

Have a great week ahead!


Tine said...

I saw this in one of the shopping malls, but didn't go in. It did look very MUFE-like though. Very professional-looking :)

Syen said...

*tee hee hee*

Yea, the resemblance is uncanny. LOL.

You saw in the malls here, or in Oz?