October 04, 2008

Clinique's Total Turnaround is Totally Impressive!

When it comes to reviewing skincare I tend to err on the side of caution. I wait a month or more of consistent usage before I rave about it. This is one product however that I feel confident about reviewing after only 2 weeks of intermittent use. In fact I'm pretty sure I could review it after using it only twice! The results were THAT rapid.

Clinique's Total Turnaround Concentrate is a treatment serum designed to"speed up the skins renewal process" and "bring new skin to the surface". To me, it's a gradual exfoliant that chemically sloughs off top skin cells, unclogging pores, and speeding up the skin's turnover rate.

Its active ingredients include Salicylic Acid (an exfoliant and anti-acne agent), Glucosamine (purportedly to aid skin renewal as it is found in body tissues, but I can't find proof that it is effective topically), and Chestnut Extract (frequently used in "brightening" or "whitening" skin-tone evening products). It also contains antioxidants, as well as cosmetic light-diffusing particles to help even out skintone.

The included instructions recommend that you use this product twice daily. Frankly I believe this to be the usual Clinique ploy of encouraging overuse of their products so you'll use it up faster and buy more. Another example of this is their tendency to recommend a Skin Clarifying Lotion one step LESS than you need, so you have to use it twice a day instead of just once at night for the same degree of efficacy.

There is no way I would use this strong serum twice daily. The first time I used it, I was shocked at how much fairer I was at the end of the day. My face appeared radically different from my neck. As such I use it almost as a treatment whenever my skin appears to need a boost. For daily use I stick to the much milder Vitamin C Skin Serum from The Body Shop that Beetrice so heartily recommends (In many ways I feel that the Vitamin C Skin Serum is a much milder version of Total Turnaround).

What I love about this stuff is that it fades acne scars like no tomorrow! It also helps clear up pimples a lot faster - they just slough off. The downside is, as mentioned above, that it fades tans rapidly and your neck and face may take on different hues if you're not careful

Another lovely bit about this serum is that a teenie tiny bit goes a long long way. In fact I strongly suggest you avoid slapping it on, but instead take a tiny amount on your fingertips and really work it into the skin and allowing it to sink in before applying moisturiser.

I received a 7ml sample of this product in a skincare kit along with large sample sizes of the Total Turnaround 15-minute Facial (which to be honest, is fun but a little messy and failed to impress. I believe that the humble aspirin mask, not to mention S&G's Scrub Your Nose In It outdoes it by miles), and City Block Sheer SPF 25 (which broke me out, boo!). So out of the three, I'm terribly glad the concentrate rocks and I discovered a gem!

At the moment my sample is still going strong, but when it runs out I have no hesitation is running straight out and buying the full-sized 50ml jar at RM190! Even though it's expensive I know it works like nothing else, and it'll last me forever.


Anonymous said...

You know what? This product totally killed my skin the first time I tried it! :( Its been touted as a cheaper option to Estee Lauder's Idealist and I'm happy to note that the Body Shop one is similar/milder because I'm still loving that one :)

Kahani said...

Oh no Paris, what happened? Breakout? Rash? Thanks for sharing, perhaps an ingredient my skin is fine with doesn't agree so well with yours =(

Anonymous said...

@Kahani: It broke me out big time just after 2 uses. Funny because Idealist was great but too expensive :)

Kahani said...

Oh boo it must have been some ingredient Clinque's has that Idealist doesn't. Man I'm glad I can use it, Idealist costs a fortune!

Tine said...

I love this serum. I'm on to my second bottle now. I now have a baby-bottom-like skin thanks to it. As in smooth, not looking like a baby's bum :P

It's a pity it didn't work for Paris. I only use this once a day though, during my night skincare routine. Big hearts for this one :D

Kahani said...

Oh thank goodness Tine, I always feel vaguely guilty about recommending something that someone else hates. But it works for me. =)

Anonymous said...

the Clinique products containing salicylic acid broke me out *badly*. I didn't try this one (I got the acne face care line in a trial-size kit) but if the others are any indication, women with sensitive skin should be wary of this product, too.

I still find Aubrey Organics to be the best brand for sensitive skin.

Thanks for the review though! I like your blog a lot :)

DaphStar* said...

How long did it take to fade your scars? I find it good cos it keeps my T-zone in check. My face isn't so slicky by the end of the day, which is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I have dry sensitive skin, & find most products too harsh - so it can be hard to keep breakouts at bay, but my skin Loves this product!