October 06, 2008

Review: Shu Uemura Eyeshadow in ME Brown 850

As requested, here's my review of the legendary Shu Uemura shadow shade, ME Brown 850 (RM65). First let me start with the shade. Calling it a brown is slightly deceptive as it is shot through with metallic silver particles turning it into a lovely taupe shade.

Taupe as an eyeshadow colour is something I've only recently discovered and I adore it. It is neither a blah brown nor a trampy or overly-dramatic silver. It can be amped up for a sizzling smokey eye, or used for a polished and professional day look.

For a cool-toned girl, it is an ideal shade. I also find it wakens up my eye area and does more to make my tiny Asian eyes look larger than any other shade! So how does this shade measure up?

As it turns out, very well. Nice and versatile, it can be applied lightly for a shimmering wash. Use a compact liner or definer brush and it can be intensified into a mid-tone crease shade. It's shimmer gives it dimension and when applied this way it looks like you're using two perfectly coordinated shades of shadow instead of one.

If I had once wish it would be that it could be intensified even further like my beloved SN Nudge Nudge, but so far I haven't had the guts to take a wet brush to this delectable shadow yet. But although I can always reach for Nudge Nudge and apply it wet for extra drama, I have to admit it's rather nice working only with a compact shadow when I'm in a rush and not having to deal with loose minerals.

This is where I really have to hand it to Shu Uemura. This shadow applies like nothing I've ever encountered. It's so finely milled and so soft it applies as smoothly as a cream but with the control of a powder. It lasts and lasts without creasing, even when I forgo using my Mac Paint as base.

It is also highly pigmented, so a little goes along way. But the gorgeous metallic finish somehow makes it easier to control and blend than matte shadows, so even if you're in a rush it's pretty foolproof.

So all in all, I'm delighted with my purchase. Thanks to the lovely Syen and Cavewoman for recommending this shade!


parisb said...

You, my dear, would have loved ME Silver 945 which is the precursor to ME Brown 850. Its darker and more taupe-y than the new brown formula. They killed it when they reformulated - doh! It had to be Shu's most popular shade in the world! :) I still have mine even if I can't wear it LOL... Nice review!

kahani said...

Paris: Yes, it DOES sound like a shade I'd love. Boo... why can't you wear it though? Is this connected with you not shopping at Shu anymore?

YZ said...

I am a proud owner of the notorious taupe which is Shu ME Silver 945 :) ME Brown 850 is often compared to the original, but imho it does not live up to its predecessor's uniqueness. Am guarding it with my life! :p
I can pick up ME Brown 850 anytime from the Shu counter, but not the discontinued ME Silver 945....

Syen said...

YZ: Oh Fine. Rub it in why don't you? =P *winks*

I'm afraid that we both only found out about the notorious taupe shade after it was discontinued. So live with ME Brown 850 we must. Not that we are loving it any less. =)

If there is a meet-up, all you proud ME Silver 945 owners MUST tote it along to allow us a covetous glimpse. LOL.

parisb said...

Alleriges - the same reason I cannot wear Shiseido :( And if we meet up, I'll bring along the Silver 945 and we can all ooh and ahh over it ;)

YZ said...

Heehee yes, a meet-up would be fun :)

MisSmall said...

Thanks for the review, gals. I guess since I can't get my paws on the infamous ME Silver 945 anymore, this is the next best thing. Better snap it up before it's gone too. :)