October 31, 2008

Review: MAC Pinch O' Peach blush

Ladies, I've HIT PAN!!!

Ok, for the uninitiated, my exuberance stems from the fact that this, YES THIS, is the first blush I've EVER hit pan with. Unbelievable, no?

So read on for more details on this lovely MAC Pinch O' Peach (POP).

My love affair with MAC (this one in particular) began with the name. I think I fell in love with the name Pinch O' Peach long before I ever set eyes on the blush itself. Now that isn't the best way to get started on a blush, but this was my love story. Granted, I did take a good look at it before purchase, ok? =P

Now before you girls wonder anymore, POP is indeed a cute name, but I'm sure you're going, "Where's the PEACH??" Truth is, there is none. Don't ask me why MAC named it POP when in fact, there is absolutely no hint of peachiness in this blush. It's all pink.

I personally think it's a warm muted pink. It's got a a sheertone finish so there is no shimmer. On my skin (MAC NC 25/30) on its own, it gives a very light blush, with just a hint of colour that brightens my face without really looking like it's there. Nice.

If you're new to blushers, and don't want to end up with clown-like cheeks, I'd recommend this. If you have a job that requires you to look polished but not look like you're wearing heaps of makeup, I'd recommend this. It's almost impossible to overdo.

But, if you DO want something more, this is what I do. Apply POP as a blush base (it also works great this way), with another blush (eg. Springsheen or Bobbi Nectar) layered on the apples of your cheek for a pop. You'll look perky and healthy in a pinch. =P

And if you want shimmer, swipe on some shimmer baby! For this reason, it's the one blush I always seem to carry with me when I'm a-travelling. Because it's versatile like that.

POP is part of MAC's standard line, and costs RM70 for 6gms.


Askmewhats said...

I'd get excited too when I hit the pan of any make up I'm using! :)

it is indeed pinkish and I love pinks! But you're right about people who hate the clownish over make-up look (me) and I love it when blushes never gets too strong! :)

Syen said...

Hey Nikki!

Yups, don't we all. But esp since it's the FIRST blush I've hit pan with. =D

Have you tried POP? What's your favourite blush?

Askmewhats said...

Syen, I haven't tried any MAC blushes to be honest...can you believe that? I guess my favorite blush would be my Stila powder in bronze, it's actually supposed to be an illuminating powder but I love it as blush :)

Tine said...

I remembered the first time I hit pan with the very first blush I use from Estee Lauder. Such a great feeling :)

Syen said...

Nikki: Hey you! Oh yes, Stila is a good one too! I bought a blush once but it's hardly near pan. *tee hee hee*

Tine: Oh yes.. Always a good feeling. =D