September 02, 2008

Review: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen

Last May, Syen visited me in Amsterdam in her grand tour of Europe. And being the darling that she is, she came bearing gifts, one of which was the FIRST (and only) MAC blush I have ever owned (I kid you not, I can never bring myself to shell out the money). And what a blush.

This was before I discovered Silk Naturals (and their glorious dupes), or ever owned Nars Orgasm. So this subtle, there-yet-not-there blush that lit up my face oh so naturally was a revelation for me. And I used it every. single. day.

When Syen was over the other day she found it - just a poor pathetic ring of blush surrounding alotta pan - and promptly thwacked me.

"Oi, woman, you love it so much why never review?" proclaims she.

So here we go!

I find this blush far more flattering on me than Nars Orgasm as it has more pink in it. With Orgasm (or Climax), I find I have to layer on a pop of brighter pink (usually SN's Babydoll), but Springsheen lets me get away with it while still looking subtly fabulous. It's a great choice for cooler toned girls who find Orgasm lacking a certain oomph.

It has gold shimmer - just enough to perk it up and highlight my cheekbones, but not enough so I look like a lost discoball. As a sheertone it isn't the most pigmented of blushes (hence hitting pan in a year's usage), but it's also something you can apply in a great hurry without looking clownish.

Now for the truly sad bit. It appears that MAC have discontinued this blush. So the ONLY MAC blush I know is worth buying the fullsized original for, is now gone. Ah well.


Anonymous said...

LOL for some reason I really liked this post. I can't bring myself to buy MAC - period. But I must admit some of the blushes are pretty decent.

Kahani said...

paris: thanks! Maybe its because I, like you, acknowledge the greatness of Mac without succumbing to paying its prices. =P

AskMeWhats said...

Can we...start a group..of LOVING MAC blush but we just cannot shell out that amount of money?? I've been lemming for mac Blushes the longest time, but everytime I plan to buy one, I'd be too chicken and ended up buying dupes! :(

Syen said...

Hey ladies, the funny thing is that while I have not much of a problem shelling out for MAC, I turn on the kiamsiap-ness whenever it comes to other brands, eg Bobbi.

But anyways, I find MAC blushers really great.

As for Kahani, a very very similar blush to Springsheen (Boo, I love it too!) is Peachykeen. It's very similar but just a tad more coral, but the cheeks, well, very similar. LOL.

Kahani said...

Nikki: Why not? You, paris and I are members and we shall scorn mac snobs like Syen. =P

Syen: It's only a matter of time before BB rivals mac. *looks ominous*

Syen said...

I'm not a MAC SNOB! =(


Like you said, I just put in a huuuuge SN order! So there! =P