November 12, 2008

Five Minutes with Winnie Loo~

Okay, maybe it was ten minutes. But So Loverly had the opportunity to talk to Winnie Loo recently during the launch of d' Hair Shop, and we asked her to share her thoughts on her pet subject - the hair.

For the uninitiated, Winnie's the founder and director of A Cut Above, as well as the brand ambassador for d' Hair Shop. She has been in the industry for a good three decades, and is the first (and so far, only) Malaysian to be awarded the World Master of the Craft by the Art & Fashion Group of New York. 

So read on for what she thinks is the biggest mistake women have when it comes to their hair, and what's her secret to great looking hair.

What's the most basic step for women to care for their hair?

I think most importantly is to choose a good hairdresser and a good haircut. For those who keep it short, get a haircut at least once in six weeks to be able to maintain the style. And for those who like it long, they should have a good line of shampoo to keep their hair soft and silky, with good texture. That's important.

Do you think Malaysian women lack the knowledge on how to care for their hair?

Not anymore. I think it used to be a problem, but I think many Malaysian ladies now are more educated. They tend to read and find very good write-up on products that they're able to pick up. But a majority of the people are still like "anything will do", which is not right.

What do you think is the biggest mistake women do when it comes to their hair?

I have many clients who say they only use Johnson's Baby Shampoo. But I tell them "but you're not a baby anymore". Baby shampoo is suitable for babies as they have not gone through any chemicals, they have no stress, nothing. So it's very important to know what's your hair type. For example, if you have very flat hair and you still use a moisturising shampoo, you're just going to make your hair even more weighed down.

What is the biggest problem that Malaysian women have with their hair?

The humidity is a problem. The weather is humid, and whenever we style it, it doesn't hold well. If they are able to pick up some styling products which is able to volumise their hair... shampoo can volumise too, but styling products are more efficient if they know how apply it to their hair properly.

Some women are very trendy, and they colour and change their hairstyle every few weeks. Do you think it's wise?

If they know how to do something which might damage their hair, they should also be wise enough to have products to manage their hair. It's important because if they are young and they are already doing all these things, they might already have aging hair. Sometimes you might not be old, but your hair could be old.

Especially for long hair. If you do nothing to it, it's still virgin hair. But can you imagine for the same length of hair, you colour, straighten, perm, and rebond, and then perm again? You're aging the hair. So you'd actually need anti-aging products to rejuvenate and bring life to the hair.

What's your secret for your own hair?

I don't really have a secret for my own hair. I keep it simple. I usually have a haircut every 3 weeks, and I like to have an easy hair. I don't go for excessive colouring even though I colour my hair all the time, but it's usually just a treatment rinse. I'm very simple and I'm always on the go so I like it quick, even with my hair. What's important is a great shampoo and conditioner. I literally do my own hair very often - just wash, air dry and I'm good to go. So simple.

Any parting words of advice?

I personally think less is more? If you really think you have no time to manage your hair, then don't do excessive stuff. Do less to your hair if you're a busy person. What I mean is, if you dont damage your hair, then how can your hair be damaged?

For people who have all the time in the world, those who can go to the saloon four times a week then well... enjoy it! But for those who are busy, I always say choose a hairstyle which is easy. Shampoo it as often as you can because with our humidity there's nothing wrong with washing abut five times a week.

If you can explore, do check out d' Hairshop range. There is a big range of products to suit different needs. And if you're not sure, just ask for help!

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