November 10, 2008

Monday's Beauty Bits

Am tempted to try out the Honey Mask. Much like the Aspirin Mask it's cheap, homemade, easily available and supposedly great for fighting acne. Anyone here ever tried it? Feedback?

The right brush really makes all the difference to Mineral Foundations. I was actually giving up on my Silk Naturals Foundation because some days it'd apply so badly I'd have to take it all off and start again. Not since I got my EM Flat Top Brush! Now everyday is perfection. Whee!

When you're in a tearing hurry, do NOT try to create a dramatic smokey eye using loose black mineral eyeshadow. Disaster of take-it-all-off and do-it-again proportions. And of course, now you're running later than ever. *sighs* (Duh, huh?)

I cannot spritz perfume on my neck or chest because it causes those areas to break out, and if it gets on my face, poof, pimples! I've been spritzing it in my hair, and the back of my knees but I still wanted the scent well... more around ME. Don't know why it took me so long, but now I spritz on my shoulders. Perfect location. =)

Have heard rumours of Sephora's possible arrival in Malaysia. Just rumours mind. But join me in crossing, fingers, toes, eyes and legs that Makeup Heaven will indeed land in Malaysia! Oh and sign any petition on this subject that you come across.


sesame said...

Honey is a natural antiseptic so it's probably soothing for some pple with acne. I have tried honey mask with egg (yucky smell) and also as a cleanser with cucumber and milk. It's great as a skin softener.

kahani said...

Hi Sesame: Thanks for sharing. =) With Cucumber and Milk? How? Do you puree the cucumber?

Eli said...

Honey masks work for me. Less drying than aspirin masks too. You can combine it with nearly any damn thing you have in your kitchen cupboard except for soy sauce.

Like honey + yogurt or honey + milk.

kahani said...

eli: doesn't it get all drippy?

Amy C said...


oo i'm syen's cousin =p haha

i've tried the honey mask before, but if you have sensitive skin, you might wanna do a patch test first.

after using the honey mask, my face swelled up and i had to go to the doc's to get steroid cream to reduce the swelling and itch..

so yes, might pay to do a patch test first =p

Left Brain said...

There is some legitimacy to using honey for helping out with acne. We looked at the supporting science of honey on our blog some time back.

Good luck. And keep up the great work with your blog.

Syen said...

Amy C: Hi couzzie!!! =) Great seeing you here.

Oh dear, I didn't know you reacted so badly to honey. The patch test is definitely a good suggestion. I don't seem to have a prob with it though. Slathered it on twice, and so far, so good!

Hope to see you comment more often.. =P

Left Brain: Thanks for the kind words. =)

YZ said...

Ooh, which little birdie told you of Sephora's possible arrival on local shores? ;)
I read from sesame's blog that Singapore might be having one in Takashimaya soon.... *ENVY*
However, if all Asian Sephoras are going to be like the one in Hong Kong, carrying a watered down variety of brands - why bother?
Pls click on the link below to view HK Sephora's in-house brands:

Where's Cargo, NARS, Tarte, Urban Decay?? Hello? *blink*

kahani said...

Amy C: Ooh hello! Thanks for dropping by. =)

Left Brain: Thankee for yer kind words m'dear, and for the detailed post on honey. =) I'm an avid fan of your blog by the way.

YZ: Noooo... way to burst my bubble. They don't carry Cargo, Nars, Tart or Urban Decay? WHyyyyyy??? *pouts*

YZ said...

Beats me. *sigh*

kahani said...

Boo.. the parade has officially been rained on. *sighs*

But thanks for the warning. Forwarned is forarmed. Maybe if they actually do turn up we can all visit on a daily basis and ask for the brands that are not there.. thereby racking up "customer service requests". Oh, letters and calls in too of course. How's that sound for a campaign plan?

petra said...

Yes! My sister looked like she kena bombed no more. And it helped my pimples and to smooth my skin. And you can, as I learnt from sister genius, lick around your lips for the honey. Ah!

I use manuka honey.

kahani said...

Pet: Lol! Right next time I go grocery shopping I'll look for a jar of honey. The ones at home look... ick.