November 25, 2008

Total RAVE: Benefit Box-O-Powder in 10

I had my doubts about its usefulness when I bought it. But warehouse sales bring reservations down so I picked it up, and I'm so glad I did!

Sure you can get as pretty a bronzer and highlighter separately for less, and normally I would, but it's so handy to have them both in this adorable wee box.

I find myself reaching for this daily as it gives me a subtle glow - the healthy-skin, JLo kind. Plus I can use it to contour my features quickly and easily without looking odd in broad daylight.

This is my favourite part of the box. It's a wonderful shade of bronzer - slightly shimmery but not straight-up bling. It doesn't turn orange, or red, and is very fine and sheer so it blends naturally into my complexion. Yet it's the perfect shade to contour the sides of my face, along the sides of my nose and my jawline while giving me a sun-kissed look.

The highlighter is actually pretty darned shimmery, so apply with a light hand! I usually dust the bronzer where I want to contour and where the sun touches my face with a blush brush (mine is by now-discountinued line, Pout). Then lightly dust the highlighter exactly where I want it, with a blush brush on the apples of my cheek, and with my Everyday Minerals eye kabuki down the bridge of my nose.

Although Benefit suggests you use their flat, square brush to do the 'sexy sweep':

I say you get better results with your normal makeup brushes. However if you're on the go, it's not a bad brush at all!

The price of this in Malaysia is absolutely silly at RM129. If I can't repurchase it at a massive discount again, I may buy it from the US at $28 - or just make do with SN's Hoola Bronzer dupe and a shimmery highlighter.

When creating intense, dramatic looks like a sizzling smokey eye, or a retro red lip, keeping blush to a minimum is a good idea. This product is perfect for nights out as it gives the 'glow' so you won't look washed out. But it isn't really a blush so your face won't look too hectic.


parisb said...

Thou shalt not tempt :P

Askmewhats said...

LOL at Paris' comment!!! I was just thinking the exact thing!

Gosh the photo looked so good, I mean the effect!!!!

kahani said...

*giggles* But I did point out that you don't actually NEED 10. You can substitute a finely milled pale pink shimmer and a slightly glowy bronzer.