December 23, 2008

Have Yourself a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond ~

Hey ladies! With the holiday seasons in full swing now, I thought I'd share what I've picked up for meself.

Sitting rather smugly on my beauty shelf right now is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond. When the ads first came out a month or so back, the one thing which screamed "Take me hooome!" to me was this shimmer brick.

It left me no choice. And so the first chance I got to get my paws on this little pretty palette, I did. I HAD to.

This shimmer brick comes in five strips of beige and light bronze shades with gold shimmer. It's a great highlighter, for those of us girls with warmer skin tones. I am not entirely sure how well it would suit the cooler-toned ladies amongst us.

The first time I wore this was when I walked into a Bobbi outlet (in Midvalley) and asked to try it out. The MA (Esther, who was entirely lovely) applied the Desert Rose blush lightly on my cheeks for a light flush and then proceeded to swirl her face blender brush on the palette and dusted it on my cheeks lightly to highlight.

While the shimmer brick might be named Copper Diamond, in no way did it sparkle with chunky glitter. Instead, the end result was a lovely and natural soft candle-lit glow. Kahani protested when she heard, proclaiming that no self-respecting Copper Diamond should be "natural".

"That's what BEIGE is for," said she.

I beg to differ. This baby has just the right balance between the lightness of a highlighter with the oomph of a mild bronzer. Perfect.

Apply it (preferably with fingers I should think) to your eyelids, and you've got coordinated eyeshadows too.

Another aspect of the palette I wish to highlight (pun intended), is that the packaging differs slightly from all the previous shimmer bricks. This one comes in a matte gold case, unlike the others which come predominantly in shiny black cases. But the best part? No more accumulating unsightly thumbprints worthy of CSI status.

Being a shimmer fan, I am definitely happy I picked this up. I've been using this of late, and so far am loving it.

As it's a Limited Edition item, best hurry if you like what you're seeing. But like all other shimmer bricks, this one will also set you back by RM145.

Diamonds never come cheap.


Askmewhats said...

wow I would love to see this on your lovely face Syen! :) Based on your description, sounds promising!

心。葵 @ plue said...

ah~ lovely shimmer brick.

but then, the price :( i am broke with the recent xmas MU stuff i bought~ i think i like their rose one best~

Jenn said...

This looks soo lovely!! Please post a FOTD using this... would love to see it on your face!! :D

ParisB said...

Ooh you make me want this even though the shimmerbrick under-wows me. Sigh... bad bad girl

Tine said...

I wanted the pink shimmerbrick, but after checking it out with Geekchic last Saturday, and actually trying it on, it didn't work for me. As in nothing showed. Weird huh? Anyway, yay, saved money there. Hee hee :p

Syen said...

Nikki: =D One FOTD coming right up. Soon. LOL.

Plue: Oh yes. Lovely it indeed is. I have the rose one too. Which I ermm.. havent.. *cough* reviewed either. =P

Jenn: Yes ma'am. One FOTD coming soon. =)

Paris: The power of the pen, huh? LOL. How am I the bad, bad girl? *looks innocent* Hehe.. So you planning to get it?

Tine: Hahaha.. Yes, saved on this to spend on something else. =P

Anyway, what I've read on the pink shimmer brick is that it's just silver shimmer. You can't really see the pink on. If you want, try rose or apricot. The reviews are more favourable, I believe. Happy trying! =)