December 24, 2008

Looks: All That Jazz!!!

So last Saturday Kahani and I decided to go paint the town red. Well, actually a friend of hers, Elvira Arul, was performing in Bangkok Jazz in KL (she was VERY good, by the way) and we thought "Why not?".

It's been a while since we've had a bit o' fun, and so fun we did have.

Kahani pulled off her femme fatale Frenched look once again, while I chose a purple smokey-eye number. To go with the top, see.

So read on to see what I used to create this look! =)


  • Bobbi Brown blush in Mauve

  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (eye primer)
  • MAC Shadestick in Royal Hue (in my crease as purple base, and in the final step, very lightly over liner on lower lid)
  • Silk Naturals eyeshadow in Slate (applied over Royal Hue)
  • Cyber Colours black eyeliner (on upper lid and halfway on lower lid)
  • Origins eyeshadow in very dark grey/black (in outer V corner, and entire lower lid)
  • Stage eyelash curler

(Despite piling on Slate, which is a grey shade, the purple from the shadestick is still very evident, which is just awesome.)

(Deepest apologies, but pleease don't mind the brows. They're ermm.. overgrown at the moment. *blushes*)

(Note: No mascara. *grin*)

  • Lipbalm
  • Maybelline Water Shine lipstick in Kir Royal (looove!)

(And the whole look put together. And oh, this shot was AFTER the partying with minor touch-ups of course. Lasted pretty well, huh?)

So, what do you girls think? =)


Anonymous said...

Hate your naturally long lush lashes. Sigh... ok I don't really. I promise :) Merry Christmas!

AskMeWhats said...

Both of you are HOT HOT HOT! I love the lashes too! *jealous* Can I have some? LOL

Merry Christmas pretty ladies!

Anonymous said...

*wolf whistle* Very hot looks, ladies. Bravo!

Merry Christmas :D

Jenn said...

Looking good, both of you!! :D

I love how you rocked the purples!! They complement your skin so nicely!! I cannot wear most shades of purple... they make me look as if somebody punched me in both eyes!! :P

Merry Christmas to both of you ya!! :D

Syen said...

Merry Christmas all you lovelies!!! =D

Paris: Hahahaha.. Sorry, but I HAD to make that little note there. LOL. Vanity? But hey, unlike YOU, I have scars aplenty to conceal. =(

Nikki: Thanks! =) Oi, woman. YOU'RE the Filipina, and you girls are faaamous for lush lush lashes and thick thick hair!

Tine: Hehe.. thanks. *meowrr* LOL.

Jenn: Thanks girl. Actually, I'm quite happy this look pulled off rather well. I've worn purple before on its own, and I got that same bruised/ puffy eye look too. I guess this time it worked better coz I piled on the greys and silver on top. Keep the purple underneath. Give it a try, would love to see you rock it too!!! =D

Kahani said...

Thanks girls! *pokes syen* See? Told you to wear more eye makeup! Now go put on contact lenses!