December 30, 2008

I Spied Bobbi's Brights Eye Palette!

Ladies, will you check this out! Bobbi Brown is finally giving us colour! Browsing through the Bobbi Brown site, I stumbled upon this 35-soft-matte-shadow palette and for a moment I had to check to make sure I wasn't in the Coastal Scents website instead.

But true enough, it was Bobbi alright.

Isn't it such a lovely palette? And what a refreshing change to the usual Bobbi offerings.

More info on the palette after the jump!

"Inspired by Bobbi at Fashion Week. This collector's edition palette is designed for the woman who wants to play and experiment with bright color. Features 35 soft matte shadows in a colorful shade range that includes everything from pinks and greens to blues and purples. All the shades are new and exclusive to this palette, which features a unique, fold-out design and full size mirror. Available for a limited time." - Bobbi Brown site.

I haven't seen this palette myself. And truth be told, I don't even know if this will ever reach Malaysian shores.

But I will keep an eye out for it. If anyone has seen it, please let us know!

And the question is, what do you think of it? Holler back, girls!

1 comment:

petra said...

i saw it in new zealand. :)