January 02, 2009

Video: Because Fridays are for Fans of Twilight (yes, Syen I'm lookin' at you)

Now to be clear, I'm NOT a fan of Twilight, either the books or the movies. I've never read a book, never seen the show. But Syen is so madly obessed with it that she even bought a shade of eyeshadow from Silk Naturals just because it was named Twilight! (Luckily it's a very pretty shade *covets*) So this video's for her, and anyone else who wants to stalk around looking vampyric.

Want to know what makeup was actually used in the movie? Beauty Fool has the scoop.


B said...

I super love this post!! ;)

kahani said...

Hey B!

I'm so glad, welcome to our blog thanks for linking us on yours. =)

bluu martini said...

hi gals, i’ve been reading your beauty blog with interest!
love the posts!

i’m not sure if you know this… but MAYBELLINE’s mineral makeup range - PURE MINERAL has come to Singapore!
what do you think of mineral makeup for sensitive skin?
check out the cool packaging:

it is highly raved in the US, and i read in the forums that some gals are waiting for it to come to Singapore.
has it been launched in malaysia?

maybelline has also created 2 social groups for members to win beauty products, makeovers and share tips.
the groups’ addresses are -
Maybelline & Me Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=3
Maybelline & Me Friendster: http://www.friendster.com/group/tabmain.php?gid=26

perhaps you can share with us some reviews on this?
looking forward...

kahani said...

Hi Bluu Martini, I'm actually not that positive about this foundation. I've read alot about it. And I've have played with the testers in the UK - just never purchased it. As my full reply is rather long, I will address it more fully in this coming monday's beauty bits.

Thanks for reading, and check back on Monday. I have to go do research to back up my claims. =)

Syen said...

B: I'll BET you do. LOL.

Thanks for linking us to you babe! =) See you around more. =P

B said...

Syen and Kahani,

My pleasure! I do enjoy reading your posts.

And Syen, what about you giving yourself a Twilight makeover? Blog about it. I'll be the first to read and comment, hehehe.

Andrea said...

OOooh I LOVE Twilight! (the book haven't seen the movie.. YET!)
I'm like in love with Edward haha.