January 26, 2009

(Late) Monday's Beauty Bits

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Even if you aren't Chinese, take the extra reason to celebrate. ;)

Now I had these bits all drafted out, but was kept too busy running around on CNY errands to write them. But since it's technically still Monday, here we go!

The latest collection from Silk Naturals is OUT! Featuring 20 (yes! 20!) new solid fragrances, many of which are dupes, I've gone a wee bit sample mad with them. Now I hated the original Fresh, but it's been discontinued and replace by straight up Pink Grapefruit, so I'm getting a tube of that and hoping for the best.

In honour of Valentines day, the wonderful Beetrice has put together a great competiton to suit gals going out, and gals staying in for a little night of self-pampering (nearly put self-loving there, which sounds so wrong!). Check it out, the competition ends Jan 31!

Thanks (or no thanks! =P ) to Nikki, I discovered that the Eyeko site has free international shipping! That combined with the low ringgit - pound exchange rate, AND a free gift code on Nikki's site (go hunt for it) makes their products very very tempting indeed. I'm just waiting for them to either come up with more stuff or to restock their sexy eye palette.

There's more!

This is somewhat premature, but I may be replacing my beloved Vichy Normaderm with ~H2O+ Face Oasis Shine Free. Not because it controls oil better than Vichy - it doesn't. But because I believe I experience fewer breakouts with it. When I wash my makeup off at the end of the day, my skin seems a lot happier with ~H2O+ than with Vichy. Also, fewer blackheads and clogged pores!

Speaking of swaps, I've swapped out Sunsilk's Smooth & Manageable Control Leave On for Dove's version. Reason? It works the same, it feels the same, it costs the same, it's both by Unilever, and I like Dove's matte gold bottle more than Sunsilk's Hot Pink. =P


MisSmall said...

Happy Chinese New Year, gals! Have a good one! ^_^

kahani said...

Whoa that was fast! Thanks, dear and the same to you! =)

Askmewhats said...

LOL it shoudl be THANKS not NO THANKS to Nikki, lol! :)

I love your Monday Beauty Bits!!!! :)

kahani said...

Nikki: Noooo you is eeeviiilll!! =P

beetrice said...

aww..thanks for the pimp ladies! :) and happy CNY to you both too - looking forward to the lunch! hehehe...

kahani said...

Always happy to be yer Pimp, Bee! =P Happy CNY to you too, and I can't wait for the lunch either =)