February 19, 2009

Aussie Haul I: Priceline Madness!

Hellooo ladies! And I'm back from my trip to Australia. I had a great time there, and apart from all the sight-seeing, it was also a great trip in terms of makeup hauls and meeting up with the lovely ladies, Tine and geekchic.

On our first meet-up there, Tine brought me to Priceline (their local drugstore chain), and then told me, "Ok, now go crazy!" And crazy I did go.

So click on to see the breakdown of what I got. =)

Yes, body wash. Because they are in Cocoa Butter and Vanilla, and are not available here in Malaysia. So there. Both cost about AU$6 each.

Thanks to Tine who made me pay attention to Prestige, which was a line I wasn't really paying attention to. But then she said, "OH. Their shadows are GooOOoD." And then a light shone from the ceiling onto THIS particular counter. Uh-oh.

So I ended up walking away with two liners (Smokey Green and Lightning) and four eyeshadow singles (l-r: Antique Gold, Champagne, Indigo and Caribe). Both palettes and the makeup bag were free gifts. Good buy, no? =)

And WHO can possibly resist EcoTools? Yes, it is pricier than how much it costs in the US (US$10 VS AU$23+). But the raves on this is impossible to ignore. And according to Tine, she can not find a US site which ships to Oz or Malaysia. My purchase is justified.

Again, Tine pointed this sunscreen in my direction, so I picked up a smaller tube to try. I doubt I've ever slapped on so much sunscreen in my life, but it was necessary in Ozland. The Papaw ointment was a rave from my cousin, so I decided to give it a try. You can use it on almost anything, chapped lips, rash, cuts, wounds, etc etc etc. I loved it so much I got another tub. Yes, TUB, not tube. =P

As for the Lip Smackers in Pink Lemonade, these were ordered by Kahani, so they're not really supposed to be in my haul. But they got lonely and wanted to be photographed along with the rest. *tee hee*

So, there you go. Priceline Madness.

And oh, this is just Part I. I did buy quite a little bit more stuff. So hang around to see what else I hauled back! =)


Eli said...

*oogle* Priceline Madness indeed. The Prestige palette is so pretty! Why don't they sell it on its own...

Askmewhats said...

wow! Ecotools!!!! :) I've been hearing raves and raves after raves about that! welcome back home!!!

Connie said...

eeeek!!!I want Vanilla! and Eyeshadows! OK now if anyone asks me what I want from Australia, I'd know what to get!! :D

Anonymous said...

may i ask which part of down under did you go to ^^

am keen on ecotools but i can't seem to find it in my state..

Tine said...

Oh yes, they are GOOOOOOOOOOOOD, are they not? Hee hee!

It was really good meeting up with you again. Can't wait to see what else you bought ;) Oh, show the skirt too yeah? I wanna see :)

Traclyn Yeoh said...

I miss miss miss going to Priceline!!!!

The ecotools definitely look like a good grab. How come I never see them when I was there? I'm blind >.< How I wish to have them now!

I heard a lot of good reviews on Lucas Papaw too. I used to have a guy housemate who uses it everyday and bring it with him everyday. He claimed it as the best ever if you have really dry lips. My girl classmate uses it too and she said it even better than the ordinary lip balms. I saw it in Malaysia too, but I have forgotten where I saw it. I think it was in Carrefour. I've not tried it, I have too many lip balms.

kahani said...

I've seen Lucas Pawpaw Ointment in Caring pharmacy

Syen said...

Eli: Oooh, hello dearie. Alex (the fiance) was saying Priceline should give me a membership or discount card for all the business I was giving them. I was going in to almost every Priceline I saw. And buying stuff too. LOL.

Nikki: Yes, I've been hearing raves and raves and raves too. And damn, they're right! =)

Connie: Muahahaha... When I saw the Vanilla body wash, it was like, "MINE". And then I spotted the Dove Cocoa Butter, and went, "MINE, MINE, ALLLLL MINE!". LOL.

Anon: I was in Melbourne and Sydney. I could find EcoTools in the bigger Pricelines in the brush section. Usually right at the back of the store. Hope this helps! =) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Tine: Oh yes, they ARE gooOOoOd! LOL. The pigment is amazing! Preettty! =D

Likewise, likewise. I did more clothes shopping in Sydney too! Went to the DFO there, which was just as well, as the weather there was rainy and wet.

Traclyn: Hahaha... Priceline will DEFINITELY be my MUST-GO if I'm in Oz. Just like Boots in the UK. =P Thanks for stopping by and commenting! See you around more. =)

Kahani: REAALLLY??? Yay! That's great news! =D

geekchic said...

It was GREAT meeting you :)

And great fun debating with your other half on the merits of buying this just-because-malaysia-don't-have. Oh, and that waiter at Il Tempo >< What gives?! :P

Was fun ogling at your loot over dinner too ><

prettybeautiful said...

ecotools!!! nice stuff u gottt

Eli said...

Priceline does have a membership card. Think they give you $5 for every $100 spent in a quarter. I just applied for my card. *beams*

Syen said...

geekchic: Oh yes! Likewise babe! =)

And oh, on the waiter.. Err, I thought it was because you knew him well! 0_o Geez. Keep in touch! =D

prettybeautiful: Thanks! =)

Eli: Oh yea, they do. That's not too bad. I think I already passed the $100 quota in 2 weeks! Oh wait, hang on.. I spent MORE than that in just my FIRST haul alone!!! Dang.

Hahahha.. happy shopping babe! =)

meek said...

aih.. datang sydney tak bagi tahu pun.

i've got the st.ives thingy and it's good tho.

Syen said...

Meek: Heya! Sorry for the late reply. Didn't really have much time for meeting-up in Sydney as was staying with his aunt. Sorry.. =P

Ooh.. Yea, I love the St Ives' body wash. Vanilla, YUM! =)