February 18, 2009

Review: House of Etude and their 55 Kissful Tint Chou in 04 Tangerine Orange

You know, I had such awesome posts planned. Full of self-taken pics, swatches, the works. But truth is, I stare at a computer all day, writing, and when I get home I just don't have the energy. Since my weekend was so packed, I'm sorry girls but posts this week (and it's a crazy heavy week at work) are going to be a little scarcer than I'd like. Unless the lovely Syen posts her haul *grins*. Yep I'm as curious as the rest of you.

Meanwhile let me tell you about my newfound love for House of Etude. Girls, it is an INCREDIBLE line of cosmetics. It's wonderfully priced, and such great stuff. The brushes? Amazing! The lippies? Fantastic! And the variety? Unbeatable! But now let's talk about my latest addiction, here is the kookily named, 55 Kissful Tint Chou, in yes.. tangerine orange! (don't die of shock Syen, I swear, it's not orange, it's a a rosey pink).

What's in a name?
Where I'm concerened, too much I'm afraid. Believe it or not I've prowled in and out of House of Etude a million times without dropping a dime because I'm horrible shallow. Yes its true! The pushy salesgirls with awful English who think, "Wah miss you so fair, like Korean!" is a compliment, and a sales technique. I hate the pink fluffiness, and I really really hate the lousy / hilarious names for their products.

My archilles heel is words. And I've been known to buy a product (ie Silk Naturals Raindrops on Roses Lipgloss) against my better judgement just because I love the name (glad I did, it's a wonderful colour). My weakness for Benefit and Soap & Glory is rooted, at least in part, in their names. Hence the total lack of tempation for Etude.

So the breakthrough?
The ravings of the incomparable Muse and the adorable Plue wore down my resistence, upped my curiosity. So I bought something, this product in fact and fell, hook line and sinker.

So review the product already!
55 Kissful Tint Chou is a truly unique product. Like nothing I've ever used. It is a tint, with the appearance and in some ways the consistency of a gloss. But it lasts like a tint, and is completely non-sticky.

The Muse describes it as a silicone-dry texture. I think it's wetter than that, but the effect is a wash of creamy glossy colour that lasts, and lasts and lasts. And even better, it works over lipbalm - something most tints don't.

Tangerine Orange? Seriously?
Remember what I said about hilariously misnamed products? Well... Tangerine Orange is actually a warmish pink that's slightly brighter than neutral. It verges on coral, but fortunately never crosses the line. A bright rose-pink is probably the best description of it.

I adore this colour, it perks me up and goes with just about everything. Do I want to be fresh and pretty? Sophisticated and neutral? Smokey-eyed vamp? This baby works with it all, don't know how but it does.

The other three colours don't appeal to me too much. Number one is supposed to be red, but I suspect will turn fuschia. Number 2 is hot barbie pink! Not for me thanks. And number 3 is a pale pastel pink that I'm sure will wash me out. Girls who love pale pinks though may like it.

Scent, taste, and packaging
It has an unidentifiable sweet scent. Rather candy-ish but not overhwelmingly so. No taste and leaves no unpleasant white gunky build up on the lips either. It comes in a metal tube, with a long tapered narrow nozzle.

The product never squirts out and so far it's endured being bashed around in my oversized bag. I find the packaging makes the amount product very easy to control.

I find that while a brush is ideal, if I'm on the go (or plain lazy) I can get away with dotting the tint on my bottom lip. Smoothing it out with the nozzle's edge, and mooshing my lips together. Perfect!
Price and where?
I only know of the House of Etude shop in 1 Utama, LG, New Wing near Cold Storage. I believe quite a few more shops are scattered around. If you know of any more, please share in the comments!

This tint retails at RM22.90 and it is worth every penny, and then some!


AskMeWhats said...

No etude house for us! But after my Etude Compact, I kinda lost faith in them! LOL thanks for the review!

plue said...

i nearly bought this! but i have so many lipstuff, i decided not to :P

the colours are lovely ya! :D

now i am thinking shud i get this lip tint too :P i am bored with my TBS~

Kahani said...

Nikki: Aww... I haven't actually had the guts to try any of their face products. Although I can feel the peach pore perfector beckoning... but this lippie is so worth it. =)

Plus: TBS is a cool red tone, this is a rose-pink. Of COURSE you're justified in buying it! ;D

Lisa said...

Thanks for reviewing the product. I have been thinking about whether I should buy this product but now you totally convinced me to buy it. ^^

Kahani said...

ohmypetticoat: Glad to have helped. Do let me know if you love it. =)

Anonymous said...

i love etude house packaging so much!

i have compiled a small list of branches here >


Kahani said...

ooh thanks prettybeautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sigh, my sentiments exactly on the awful English and cutesy names. *shudder*

But now that you've mentioned this, I think I wanna give it a try. Gah, no Etude House here :(