February 16, 2009

Monday's (Travelling) Beauty Bits

Hello ladies! I'm currently still in Australia, but only for one more day, and then I'll be back onto the blogosphere. =P But since I have Net access from where I am now, I thought I'd just share some tips on beauty when travelling - especially if you're going to a temperate country.

Always (and I mean ALWAYS) bring a light jacket along when you're travelling. Nevermind if your destination is in the midst of a historic heatwave (with temperatures reaching up to an insane 46.7°C), just bring the damn jacket anyway. Why? Because the temperature might plunge down to 15°C at night. And I had NO jacket on me. THAT's why. Damnit. (Oh, and how is this related to beauty? Well, you can't possibly look any good if you're shivering and clattering your teeth away, can you?)

Bring along a heavier moisturiser than what you normally use - both for the face and body. Every time I travel, my skin goes to bits. It becomes extremely parched in some areas and oilier in others. Well, on my face at least. But for this trip, my entire face, neck, hands, legs have ALL decided to dry up. Which means my usual Clinique DDM Gel, which works amazingly well in Malaysia, is hardly enough to keep my skin moisturised here. So it was an extremely good thing I had sense enough to pack along my Cetaphil Moisturising Cream, which was just excellent. I don't think I've ever slapped on SO much moisturiser in my life! And for my body, Dove Body Silk Moisturising Cream kept my skin from cracking and bleeding. Life saver, these two.

Bring cellophane tape along too, to tape up all those tubes of cleansers, moisturisers and whatnots. It's a great way to seal them up and it ensures that there will no leakages in your beauty case. I usually prefer to tape across the cover, rather than around it. I find it uses less tape, it's less messy and works really well to hold the cap/cover in place. So unless your tube cracks... but that's a different story now, ain't it?

And oh, finally, bring a foldable bag which can act as emergency extra storage space when travelling. Well, if your luggage is full, where are you going to stuff all that extra makeup you bought? Duh. (Just remember to keep your makeup well padded in your bag. Don't want any brand new stuff breaking now, do we?)

PS: I'll be back soon with posts on my makeup hauls. Oooh boy... I bought LOTS. *gulp*

Now where's that extra bag? Hmmm... =P


Askmewhats said...

so true about bringing an extra bag! :D oohh can't wait to see your hauls ! Happy monday!

Tine said...

Hahaha, that's Melbourne for you. During the day, it's late 30s. During the nights, it's late 10s or early 20s. And I thought Scotland was bad :p

I'm so going to bring tape with me the next time I travel. Thanks for the tip :)

Haaaa... what else did you buy? :P

kahani said...

Ooh! Was too tired last night to beauty bit. Yay syen! =D

ParisB said...

ahaa... extra bag - I live for extra bags when I travel :D Can't wait to see your hauls.

Connie said...

thanks for the tape tip! I never thought of that before -_- and I've had unfortunate cases of spilled products *sighs*

can't wait to see your haul! I never know what to get from aussie since I heard that almost everything's so much more expensive!

Syen said...

Nikki: Yup! Extra bags sure come in very handy. Especially if your luggage is on the verge of being overweight. So you can HAND CARRY! =P

Tine: No worries (how Ozzie) about the tip. So so so glad we managed to meet up! =) It was just great. And thanks so much for bringing me makeup shopping girl! =D

Connie: Oh yes, I swear by the tape now. And yes, stuff in Ozzieland ARE a bit pricey. But the way I see it, if I can't get it here, and if I can't really get it shipped directly here, then I think it's worth it to pay a little more. Because I cannot wait. LOL.

And oh, I didn't buy all that much more.. just a few blushers, brushes, an eyeshadow here, two lipsticks there.. LOL.

Kahani: No worries. And yes, will try to stuff in my haul posts as soon as I can! =P

Paris: Totally agree. As hauls posts, coming!

mpink said...

bringing a jacket is the best advice my mom gave me!! I listened and brought a rain jacket which ended up doubling as a blanket when i had a 5hour layer over at the airport and needed some beauty sleep!! Also you never know when a tropical vacation is hit by rain or hurricanes rather have a jacket and look good then ditch it at home and looked like a drowned dog