February 03, 2009

Secret to lush lashes: IMJU Fiberwig Mascara + Any other good mascara!

Yes, yes I know Fiberwig is overhyped and doesn't really work. Which is why I never could bring myself to fork out the RM58 for it until it went on 25% discount. So why am I blarneying on about lush lashes and all that?

Well I came across this video on YouTube y'see, featuring Elaine of Ford Models which is where I got the tip to do this trick. I was going to append it to this post, but it's now "private" and I can't even see it let alone post it. So bear with me.

There are two things you need to know to get lashes like this (below) with this stuff (Told ya I'd share, read on!)

1. It needs company - it doesn't work well alone.
2. How you apply it, matters!

1. It doesn't work well alone
That's right, you can't use this mascara on its own. What it is, is a bunch of fibers suspended in a very light liquid. The liquid does nothing and frankly it doesn't have enough fibers to really go vava voom!

So what you need to do is first apply another decent volumnising mascara to curled lashes ( I used Stage's Standing Ovation in this pic). Btw, Standing Ovation pairs great with this, as Fiberwig does de-curl. Elaine preferred DiorShow - which is frankly beyond my means because alas, I'm not a Ford Model. *sighs*

2. How you apply it matters
Now you have mascara'd your lashes up. Don't slap the Fiberwig on with a horizontal brush. Point it upwards, and use only the tip to flick at the ends of your lashes.

Go on. FlickFlickFlickFlickFlickFlickFlickFlickFlickFlick... et voila! Longer lashes! This method, which Givenchy tried to cash in on with its really odd looking mascara wand
, allows the fibers to build on one another on the ends of your lashes. Extending them, and by using the tip of the wand you're not brushing off the fibers you put on. Plus, since you're only doing the ends, you won't be clumping your lashes up.

Go on, dig out that cursed and hated tube of Fiberwig and give it a try.

Note: Sadly as this method is a bit time consuming, and Fiberwig is a b*tch to get off (little fibers everywhere!), it's not for everyday. But once in awhile when you want the drama but are terrified of can't be bothered to use false eyelashes.


AskMeWhats said...

I of all people are into mascaras because I kept on complaining about my lashes, but I only go out once a week with mascara, the rest of the days, i'm tooooo lazy! So I can't imagine doing this extra steps lol lazy bum me!!!

Thanks for the review though, I am looking into this mascara at Asian online shops!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

yay! now I can't wait to get my fiberwig mascara tomorrow! :D :D

plue said...

i shall stick to my trusty MJ lash expander and save the hassle!

i think i am liking it more than my kiss me mascara now :P

Mellerson said...

I've been looking for a reason to throw away my Fiberwig because well, as you know horrible at volume, but I will give this method a try before I toss it!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried the Fiberwig; for some reason I never bought the hype either. I saw this at drugstores in Japan, but thought they were, err, cheapo mascaras (they chucked the mascaras into a bin, for goodness' sake. Tsk tsk tsk), hence my reluctance to give it a go :P

Kahani said...

Mellerson: Here's hoping this saves your tube. It's awful to have to throw makeup products away because they failed, isn't it? Be sure to come back and let me know how it went! Thanks for stopping by =)

Tine: Are you curious nooooooow? =P

Plue: When I run out of Fiberwig, I'm going to give that a try! Unless of course something else comes along and distracts m- ooh, a birdy! *wanders off*

Anonymous said...

wow i didn't know it still can be enhanced, i have also chucked mine somewhere. if it is not dry yet, then i can give your method a try. thanks for sharing :)

Kahani said...

Prettybeautiful: Always glad to share. =D Lemme know how it goes, yeah?