March 12, 2009

Dear MAC ~

Dear MAC,

As an ardent fan of yours, and as a devoted fan of blushers, I have waited for your Grand Duos collection with bated breath. From the first glimpse I had of the gorgeous blush collection, I could. not. wait. for it to reach our Malaysian shores.

The pictures were tempting, and the blushers looked stunningly beautiful. It was a collection I knew I HAD to get my hands on. Blush addicts had been buzzing about these duos long before they were even out.

But before I go any further about this collection, I will have you know that I own 16 of your blushers (and counting), three of your MSFs, many eyeshadows and many many lipsticks. So you can rest assured I speak as great fan of your products.

So it was with great hurry that I tore over to a MAC counter in town the moment I heard that the Grand Duos were out. And they were everything the photos had promised them to be.


I am buying NONE of them. Why? Because your prices are a real cut-throat, that's why.

I am disappointed in you, MAC. At a time of economic recession (so bad it has the potential to dethrone the Great Depression), you dare come up to customers with a price tag of RM95 for a blush? Seriously MAC. SERIOUSLY.

I am terribly sorry, but you are not getting my money this time. I adored the Grand Duos collection, and I still adore it, but I am not forking out RM95 for a blush, duo or not. Gorgeousness will only carry it so far, and a ridiculously placed price tag will not help this collection. Even at RM85, I might have purchased a couple. But at RM95, nice try.

As such, I am boycotting this collection. Blush Princess or no.

And MAC, I do hope you will deeply consider your price-tags for future releases. It cannot bode well for MAC if your customers can no longer buy MAC products at leisure.

Yours disappointedly,

PS: All who agree, say I.

(Photo credit: Temptalia)


ohmypetticoat said...


LyNn said...


Askmewhats said...

101% says I!!!!!!!!!!

心。葵 @ plue said...

i really wanna say I!, but, uh, I can't. An I think u'll say I am crazy. Heck, everyone says I am crazy. :P


I'll be posting my thoughts on this soon! :D

Anonymous said...

Aye. The price is insane.

I think this post should be called "The Breakup" or "MAC honey, this ain't working out". It sounds like the end of an affair. =P

Eli said...

Eek. My little finger hit "enter" too soon. That annoymous post was from Eli.

Jenn said...


This is precisely why i'm skipping this collection!! How dare they raise the price by RM10!! Shame on you, MAC!

kahani said...


But I've been saying this all along. =P

And it's not the end of an affair or a breakup. I KNOW she'll still buy regular priced mac blushes.

beetrice said...


petra said...


how are the silk naturals clones of MAC products anyway?

Ghost said...


But I'm cheating becuase Silknaturals (karen) is going to clone them. I don;t know if she is going to clone them all but some. :) can't wait

pinkyping said...

rm95 bucks!?! oh man.. sigh thats so expensive. we should all live in us and get mac in a cheaper price. sigh. I think i won't be getting any too expensive..

Syen said...

Ohmypetticoat, LyNn & Bee: =)

Nikki: LOL. 101% huh?

Plue: No worries, no obligations. To each her own. Looking fwd to reading your thoughts on this.

Eli: Well.. it's kinda a Dear John letter to MAC. =P Although uhh.. it's only for this collection and subsequent collections if I think they're waaaay overpriced.

Jenn: Yeah! Shame on you MAC! So you're skipping this too, huh?

Kahani: You've been saying ALL MAC stuff was overpriced, which is not entirely true lar. And yes, I'm not breaking up with MAC yet. But if this is the path they choose to take, sigh... you never know.

Petra: Err... you had better check with Kahani on that.

Ghost: It's consumer power, hon. No one's stopping anyone from finding more reasonably-priced alternatives. =)

Pinkyping: Yes, RM95. Yes, it IS freaking expensive. And yes, MAC here is so marked up from MAC prices in the US. Shameful.

kahani said...

Petra: I don't actually own any MAC products that I have SN clones of to compare. But reviews have been very positive. I have Babydoll blush, a clone of Mac's Dollymix. I bought the sample for US$1.75 loved it so much I finished off the sample and bought myself a full size. =D It's described as a "hot pink shimmer" but I find it to be a lovely cool pink with golden undertones that picks up my look making me look fresh without looking dolly.

心。葵 @ plue said...

i think u'll call me crazy for i have already succumb to them! :P

my thoughts are up!

petra said...

emily, i am seriously thinking of mixing the blush elizabeth gave me from SN. 'forbidden' must be applied with a light touch. might try sprinkling some on my loreal hydrafresh (transparent jelly) and then apply.

it is the only blusher i have.

Anonymous said...

I concurr on the pricing. The way MAC prices its products in Asia is ridiculous, ie pricing a mid-end brand as high-end in asia.

Also, the prices keeps going up,and at the same time, you get less product.

For illustration:-

Sonic chic mineralise blushes sold for around RM85 for 3.5g of product

Grand duos blushes retails at MYR95 in Malaysia for 3.2g of product, ie that's a 12% increase in price and a 9% decline in volume of product that you get!!! simply obscene!!

Is the Estee Lauder group trying to compensate for its revenue/profit decline in north america at the expense of its asian customers???!!

This almost makes me want to just convert permanently to european, japanese & korean brands.

Syen said...

Plue: Hahaha.. THREE Grand Duos! =P They are pretty though, I maintain.

Anon: Totally agree on the escalating prices. They're permanent range is priced at RM75 for 6gms! Yes, it IS obscene. Sighs.

Thanks for commenting, and do drop by more often! =)

A said...

The collection was out here a few weeks ago. I can't deny how beautiful th colours are. But the price, 24€? I think I'll skip that.

Tine said...

Aye! Aye! Aye! :P

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I'm already bit heartache for paying RM80 for my PUPA baked blush and now MAC is RM95? No way I'll buy that expensive blush.. but I did paid RM105 for the MSF... Hahahaha.. I know i'm bad but I can't resist the MSF...

Anonymous said...

I know this is more than a year later but meh. I live in Australia and I just checked on the currency converter thingy and the price of them here was RM 130.5 I don't understand why the rest of the world gets everything cheaper :'(

But I definitely agree, MAC prices can get ridiculous. Whenever I hear an American complain about their prices over in the USA I want to slap them. They don't know how good they have it :P