March 11, 2009

More Daiso Lovin': Desktop facial blotters

As someone with an unstoppably oily face, I was both arrested and amused by the idea of "desktop facial blotters". While I always carry my Clean & Clear blotters with me, they aren't cheap (about RM8.95 for 60 sheets) and usually involve me rummaging in my bag, fishing out the pack, blotting, leaving the pack and running off only to realise I'd left my only real means of oil control on my desk. Damn!

So imagine my delight when I learnt that these note-pad looking boxes actually contain 250 sheets of very thin, silky "washi" facial blotters. They sit around your desk looking colourful and, if you find a nice box, pretty.

Now imagine the convenience factor. I'm pounding away at machine gun-speed on my keyboard in the grips of writer's frenzy when cripes! I feel (yes I can feel it) that my nose is shiny. No matter! I reach over with one hand (the other need not even stop typing) fish out a blotter, pat my nose and et voila, I am matte again. Bravo!

The sheets do blot up oil, although not with the soul-sucking determination of the Clean & Clear sheets. But to be honest I'm not sure I mind. I am beginning to suspect the C&C sheets to be just a tad TOO blotty. They suck up so much oil my makeup looks dry and cakey after. Not a nice look. The Daiso blotters seem to mop up enough grease to keep me looking fresh, but not so much that I stop looking dewy and natural.

At RM5 each they're a huge saving, even if I have to use more than one sheet in particularly oil-rich moments. And considering how MUCH I'm at my desk, late late into the night, it is nice to be able to keep my makeup fresh - even if I'm not.

As you can see I cracked open a box, and was so happy I dashed off to Daiso to pick up another for my dresser at home. The orange one will go to work with me - it matches the office decor. Of course I suspect the odd colleague will mistake it for notepaper and hilarity will ensue.

Is it wrong that I'm this delighted over facial blotters?


LyNn said...

wow this is a good find.
can leave it at office desk without anyone even knowing that it is oil blotting papers! :P
250 sheets for rm5 is really a good buy.
maybe i'll consider getting it.
when i start working?
now i need one in my bag to carry it around uni.

Connie said...

lol! as long as you're happy, it doesn't matter that you're passionate about facial blotters :p I need to get my arse to Daiso. haven't been there in a while!

kahani said...

Lynn they have tote-around blotters, but hey it's just not as blotter-ly fun.

Connie: Yes I AM passionate about blotters! But no one else is (hence only 2 comments). Boo! Nothing much new at Daiso that I noticed - but I haven't your eye. =)

Anonymous said...

hey, where is dasio?

kahani said...

Hi Anonymous, I only know of one Daiso in the PJ area and it's located on the top floor of The Curve in Mutiara Damansara. Next to Nichii.

meldee said...

haha ya it matches the office deco. drat, i should have picked up some blotters when i was in daiso on friday night--i think i seriously went all dewy-eyed with excitement in there! excuse to dart to the curve for lunch mid-week...;)

Tine said...

Eeeps that is SO CUTE!! I do agree with you though, that the Clean and Clear tends to suck out a lot. I prefer using the Body Shop tea tree oil blotters.

But this, this is just adorable. It's going into my shopping list when I come back (don't know when, but I'm bound to sometime :p)

kahani said...

Meldee: And it's sooo near the office toooo. =P

Tine: Make sheep's eyes at bee i'm sure she'll post it to ya. ;)