March 13, 2009

Video: Friday is for Flame - smell like a whopper burger!

Yes, men do love their meat! But no matter how desperate you get, would you really go so far as to smell like a Whopper? Yes, believe it or not, Burger King has produced a fragrance they've named Flame. Watch the video review, see the hilariously crazy site, and tell me if you'd like to give this spray a go. Personally, I think I'll pass. =P

Thanks to Kissandmakeup for the find!


Connie said...

Lol!! I wouldn't mind this at all. I'd love to smell like melting cheese... *drools*

kahani said...

hahahah, addict! I'll look out for it and one day you can layer melting cheese over flame and smell like a CHEESEBURGER.