March 13, 2009

Guest Review: Physicians Formula Wet/Dry Baked Eyeshadow Trio

She's tempted us with the cream blush, at least now the eyeshadows are less soul-searingly desirable. Read on for Eli's review:

I wish I could swoon over this wet/dry baked eye shadow palette but I can’t. It’s not bad, it’s not wonderful, it’s just meh.

I was dithering between Baked Sweets and Baked Smokes such a long time, three sales assistants kept eyeing me suspiciously. In the end, I picked up Baked Sweets and am wondering if it was such a smart choice after all…

Baked Sweets is a purple-based trio of a deep plummy brown, a lavender-gold shade and a a light champagne eye shadow. The colours are supposed to go on sheer when dry and intensify when applied wet. While the latter is true for the plum-brown and champagne eye shadows, I am having problems with the lavender.

When I swatched it in the shop, the lavender shade showed up quite clearly on my skin. After bringing it home though, it doesn’t seem to show up at all. I am not sure if it was the shop lighting or if there is a light layer of something on top of the eye shadow. When I tried swatching it wet, the gold particles in this eye shadow popped out. Pretty but I want the lavender shade to pop too!

Maybe I should try it over primer.

Texture-wise, this palette is smooth but a bit powdery. After reading the reviews on MUA, I am concerned that the eye shadows will break. As you can see, the eye shadows aren’t pressed flat into the pan but are dome-shaped. Pretty aesthetics but inconvenient and potentially brittle. I am having problems getting enough product onto my brush because of the rounded shape and the powdery texture keeps getting everywhere in the pan. I am planning to keep some empty pots on standby in case this shatters on me

The packaging is also worrying me as it is less sturdy and compact compared to the blush palette. This is one eye shadow I won’t bring travelling with me.

The wet/dry baked eye shadow trios sell for $17.95. I would save my money and get something else instead.


Askmewhats said...

Looking at the photos, my big concern is them breaking into pieces too! I guess they'll work well with primers :)

Eli said...

The weirdest thing happened when I swatched this over my face primer (I don't have e/s primer =P). Lavender sparkles suddenly appeared in the champagne shade and turned into the pretty shade I thought the light lavender e/s would give me. The lavender e/s was still crap over the primer.

Mummy, I am so confused right now. Glad that I got this free.

xenobiologista said...

I got this stuff for my sis because she has pretty bad eye allergies (both eyelid skin and the actual eye). Anybody else with sensitive skin got comments?

meldee said...

oh gosh, what a pity eli! the packaging looks so pretty.

i'm damn sad i didn't buy much when i was in aus. maybe next year when i go for my friend's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Xenobiologista: I don't have sensitive skin so I haven't a clue. Theoretically, PF is for sensitive skin but your sis might want to do an overnight patch test first.

meldee: Are you the aquarian fishy person I think you are? Because if you are, I can send you stuff from Aust. *dangles pretty fishy bait*

meldee said...

anon: gaspshockandhorror. lol. eli are you being mysteriouso? hehe will have to think long/hard about it. am planning on buying my grandmother a fridge(?!).

Eli said...

Meldee: Damn, I failed to be the monster in the dark. A fridge? That's nice. Think I got my grandmother a teapot with my first pay. =P I'll keep you updated on discounts (there's actually 20% off all eye cosmetics in Priceline this month) and you can tell me what to check out.