March 23, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits

After a hiatus that had me worried for the continued survival of St Ives in the country, I've spotted my beloved Citrus Body Wash on the shelves again, for RM16.90. But I did spot it in Caring Pharmacy for RM13.90. Yay! *hugs morning citrusy goodness*

Slightly Sheepish Update: The Face Shop's Top Coat is indeed RM9.90. Its current RM5.90 price is the result of a very very very long promotion. Still go get it while you can! Also, the method of applying a topcoat every alternate day to your nails doesn't really work so well as it does start turning blue. Boo!

The lovely Nikki is once again tempting me with her review on Makeup Masala gel liners. Especially since, I have to admit, Coastal Scents liners have a tendency to smudge on me if I'm not careful.

Interesting read for acne sufferers are Dr Benabio's (the blogging dermatologist) articles on the effectiveness (or lack of actually) of tea tree oil on acne, and why the Proactive system works (because then you can duplicate have to buy the products).

Perhaps the current downturn has everyone looking for a reason to smile. I keep coming across a profusion of novelty cosmetics like Urban Decay's "naked man" gloss - imagine pulling him out to use in a bar! Or, clean your sweet tooth with cupcake-flavoured dental-floss anyone? But to me, the oddest is still the idea of smelling like a burger.

Luxur Beauty Warehouse Clearance Sale! From 26-27 March at Menara Luxor in Tropicana, there's a warehouse clearance sale for ~H2O+, Algotherm, Babor, Stagecolor. I wonder if Face Oasis is on clearance - would be so great to stock up! But somehow I doubt it. Map and full details here.


AskMeWhats said...

*pouts* You know I am not trying to tempt you I am just reviewing! LOL *smiles sheepishly* Have a wonderful week ahead to both ladies!!!!

Anonymous said...

i got the horror of CS gel liner smudging on me too! :( how to be careful with it? it smudged on me in less than an hours time!

Kahani said...

Nikki: I know babes, and your finds are always good! =D

prettybeautiful: I find it helps alot if you let it dry completely while looking down before fully opening your eyes. I also set it by lightly dusting silica powder over it and use it over an eyeshadow base. Hope that helps!

Connie De Alwis said...

I wanna go to the sale but I have to work and I don't have a car *groans*

beetrice said...

hehe...I settled for TFS nail strengthener recently - leaves a pale pink hue, which is decent. also RM5.90! :D

as for ~H20+, hmmm...unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to be in two places at once! hehe...