April 18, 2009

Review: Benefit Coralista

I've been itching and itching to try out Benefit blushers for the loooongest time. But for the life of me, I could not bear to fork out RM129 for a blush. So I despite rave reviews, I passed on Dandelion. And Georgia. And Benefit 10. And Thrrrob.

But when Benefit Coralista came by, I could pass no more.

And so when Paris suggested a online order, I jumped on the bandwagon, pronto. And I also made an order for Benefit Dallas, this one no thanks to the lipglosseater. =P

But let's just talk about Coralista today, shall we?

For a gal who's ALL for peach and corals, Coralista was my Achilles' heel. From the moment I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it. I wasn't terribly excited about the big chunky box, although I must say it's rather sturdy. I'd much rather it came in something a little sleeker and more travel friendly, but ah, you can't have it all, can you?

The product itself it just lovely. The shade looks very coral in the box (as you can see above), but upon swatching it, strangely it looks very pink. Hmm... looks alright when applied on the cheeks though. I'm guessing it should work fine for most warm and cool toned girls.

(On the left is Dallas, and Coralista on the right)

I've read that some have found this blush very pigmented. While I'll agree that it is pigmented, I wouldn't say that it's overly pigmented. It's definitely nowhere near say... NARS Exhibit A, which I've read you'd have to be really reeeaally careful with how much you pick up with your brush.

I've applied it my beloved MAC #129 blush brush (which has to an extent has become my gauge on how pigmented a blush is), and I still need about 2 to 3 swipes for me to get a pop, which is fine.

In terms of wear, I haven't managed to get it a whole day for me, but not many blushers do without any touch-ups. Although I doubt I'll be using much of the brush the blush comes with for touch-ups. What I'm thinking of doing is getting a portable brush (EcoTools retractable kabuki, I'm looking at you!) so that I can bring this blush along when I'm out and whip out the kabuki if I need touch-ups.

As for the sweet scent as described by Paris, I found it didn't bother me much. In fact, it didn't bother me at all. Sweet scent? What sweet scent? LOL. Yes, my nose doesn't quite work.

Overall, I'm happy with the coral-pink blush. It's pigmented enough, looks good on my NC25/30 skin, and I didn't have to pay RM129 for it. I forked out US$28 buying it online.

What's not to be happy about?

PS: Hey girls, it's great to be back! Sorry I've been kinda MIA-ing for a while. But between work and wedding prep I've just been having an insanely crazy schedule. Many thanks to darling Kahani who's been holding up most of the fort on her own. I'll be working very hard to try to at least post once a week and chat a bit with you girls! Wish me luck! =D


kkkkatie said...

I LOVE this blush =) I purchased it a few weeks ago, and I'm still excited about it haha.. There is a lot of product in tje pan though (compared to NARS or MAC), so I think the price is somewhat justifiable. I think Benefit should come out with another Benefit Pop soon.

LyNn said...

you know
i always wonder.
thiss stuff looks really huge.
is it that huge?

Askmewhats said...

awww the blush looks awesome! Now I'm a bit relieved we don't have Benefit counters down here *whew* I am seriously on a rehab Need to save up for the rainy days! LOL

心。葵 @ plue said...

Syen, I have this blush too! But hm, it didn't show up as pink on me as I can remember. it was kinda coral like.

And I find it not as pigmented as Shu? I have a Shu blush similar to Coralista when looking at both pans... Perhaps I shud compare~ Tee hee!

And m glad ur back!

Connie De Alwis said...

Hey Shen!

Great review! I was very tempted by Coralista too but when I tried it over at the counter, I lost interest immediately because it didn't look as nice on my skintone. I'm actually quite thankful *phew* :p I can't spend so much on one blush!

I like Dallas a lot though :D

Jenn said...

Woooppppsss, so sorry for being the cause of you owning Dallas!! *whistles* kekekeke...

It's great to have you back Syen!! You getting married?? Whooooot!! Do remember to post pics!! I'm sure you'll be a ravishingly gorgeous loverly bride!! hehehe!! :D

Sigh, i fell in love with this too when i swatched it in bangkok!! Like you i couldnt bring myself to fork out RM129 (or RM135 in BKK) for it though. But be assured that i'll definitely order this when i come back to M'sia for good!! It's too pretty to pass!!

ps: Nars Exhibit A is one DARNED PIGMENTED blush!! Sadly it didn't work for me though!! :(

Syen said...

kkkatie: Hi there! I love this blush too! =D Well, I know there's a lot of blush, and that the box is big, but I think it's still overpriced as it's marked up from the US price. Even with a high exchange rate, say at RM3.80: US$1, it's still less than RM129. But yes, I would also love to see more pop shades from Benefit. Thanks for stopping by! =)

LyNn: Hey hey. It is big. But not as big as the piccie. I'll measure it when I get home and let you know the actual size. Or if anyone has the blush and a ruler within reach, can you kindly let us know the measurements? ie. 2x2 inch? =P

Nikki: "Try to get me go to rehab, and I say No, no, nooo." LOL. Actually, we ALL need to save up. But they calleth!

Plue: Thanks, am glad to be back too. And yes, go compare then let us know. =)

Connie: Oooh.. Dallas is so pretty too, and I think it'd look great on you!

Jenn: Yes, it IS your fault. Hehe. and yes, I am getting married. Thanks for the kind words, I'll be posting piccies when I have piccies to post. =P

And yes, it's cheaper to order online. Hmmm.. Don't think I've met Exhibit A personally yet though. But it looks like one heck of a pigmented blush. Try using the EcoTools blush brush if you have one. It's awesome for pigmented blushes. Seriously! =D

Janine Falcon said...

Where's the photo of you wearing Coralista?? *grin*

I have Coralista too, but I'm an odd one. I hoard all my favourites, usually the stuff that costs a bit more or comes in the cutest packaging, and try all the less expensive stuff first. That's partly because more people can afford drugstore and I want to weigh in on what can save people cash, but partly because I regard brands like Benefit as such treats. And mostly because I'm the type who always tries to leave her favourites until last.

I must re-think that strategy. After all, something new and fabulous always comes along in this beauty biz, yes?

(Love the "Ecotools... I'm looking at you" line. I saw those when I was in NYC and foolishly didn't buy them. Next time!)

Congrats on your getting married-ness! I'll be checking in to see your photos!

Tine said...

Aiyaaaaaa I've been lemming for this for a while, got dulled down for a while, and after reading this, I want it again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Syen said...

Janine: Thank you dearie! =)

Hahah.. where's a pic of me wearing the blush? My face wasn't too post friendly for a while. I'll try to get a pic if I can. =P

As for EcoTools, I've been wanting them for so long that even the higher price tag didn't deter me. Not the most penny-wise of people eh?

Tine: *tee hee* So you gonna get it?

Anonymous said...