April 14, 2009

So Loverly reviews Loverly cream blush (sorry, couldn't resist)

How apt is it that just around the time So Loverly turns 1, Silk Naturals includes a cream blush called Loverly into its permanent collection? Is it a coincidence? I'm afraid only Karen can answer that and to be honest, I just can't work up the ego to believe she created this lovely thing for us. Though it would have been nice, wouldn't it?

And it really is a very lovely blush. Shade-wise it's a shimmery golden pink - like a bumped up Nars Orgasm / SN Climax. In tone it is pinker and deeper than Orgasm / Climax, and the shimmers are very very fine. When swatched (after the jump) you can see that it comes off sheer and when blended out looks very natural indeed.

Its texture is very easy to use - whether you prefer to use your fingers to smooth it out, or pat it on, or a dual-fibre brush to stipple it on, this blush is your friend when you're ina rush. Be gentle with it as the cream is very light and mousse-y in consistency and it's easy to dig out too much - a little goes a long way. Just a light touch will do for a very natural, sheer stain to your cheeks, with a little added pizzazz thanks to the golden shimmer.

While this blush is far more long-wearing than its powder-counterparts, I found it to be less lasting than several other cream blushes I've tried. Still, it does last for the better part of 8 hours when applied over Revlon Colorstay on my skin terribly oily skin.

Also pretty awesome, it doesn't break me out. I obtained this blush as a Gift-With-Purchase on Silk Naturals and have been using it for quite awhile now, and I was inititally leery of trying cream blushes because they just don't go with oily skin. But so far I've really had no problems once its set with a translucent powder.

The blush retails on SN for US$6.99, I believe that the full-sized version comes in a larger pod than my GWP version, but as I've never seen it I can't say. But my guess is that my pod is 3g while the full-sized version is 6g.

When I run out, I'll definitely be repurchasing. Yes I may be biased that it shares a name with my blog, but think about how devastated I would have been if the blush that bore my blog's name was awful! Thank goodness it's a keeper.


Askmewhats said...

wow the color looks super natural and pretty! I am never comfortable with cream blushes, but I should give it a try :)

Connie De Alwis said...

that does look really nice on ya! :D

prettybeautiful said...

i agree that the color is subtle yet good. off topic, but yr gloss looks so pretty!

kahani said...

Nikki, Connie & PrettyB: thanks so much dears.

Nikki: This really isn't so much a cream blush as a mineral blush suspended in a spreadable base. It's worth a try! ^_^

PrettyB:Ooh thanks so much, I think (if I remember right) that I'm wearing SN's wand lip gloss in Summer Fling - an absolute fave colour. I really want to review more SN products but I'm afraid everyone will think I'm endorsing them too much! Lol!

Whitney said...

thanks for this review kahani!
i actually could not restrain myself any longer, and ordered loverly last week with the new products launch--got it today. it's so pretty and i love the texture. i can't wait to wear it out :)

Eli said...

Looks pretty on you, Em. Don't think it would suit me as Climax doesn't show up on me at all. Boo.

kahani said...

Whitney: Ooh sorry I didn't get the review out in time for you. But hey at least now you have affirmation!

Eli: Try Wonderful It's a red-gold based blush. ;)

Eli said...

Dear k, I hate you. I just put in a sample order which didn't include Wonderful.

Can you put up a swatch though?

kahani said...

I didn't order Wonderful babe, I'm just guessing based on the swatch I saw online.