May 06, 2009

ARGH! Tagged!

Serves me right for surfing sites I shouldn't be peeking at at work! Ah well, luckily I blotted just before I clicked on Jenn's site!

I'm not tagging anyone as the evil stops here with me. =P

Kidding, it was a welcome relief in a really tough day and made me smile. If only for the pic. Now, back to work!

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Jenn said...

awww... you look so lovely Kahani!!! :D

I don't think i'm evil though!! *innocent eyes* muahahaha!!

LyNn said...

hehehe naughty jenn.
but guess what?
i actually tagged you too.
both of you.
hope syen would do it too :P
evil laugh hidden in an angelic smile

Traclyn Yeoh said...

Hehehe, the tagging is getting more fun! I love to read how everybody responded.

Kahani, you look lovely by the way. Happy working!

Syen said...

Syen just got back from Court. Needs to file story immediately. Boss screaming blue murder. Sorry girls.. No time for piccies right now. =P

(Good thing too.. my face is oil slicked right now. Muahahha)

gio said...

You look lovely, Kahani!

Askmewhats said...

awww you look pretty!!!! I just done mine!! EVIL EVIL TAG! LOL and lucky you, me I don't have make up on when I read the tag :(

Kahani said...

Aww thanks everyone! But really do feel like I had an unfair advantage since everyone's usually pretty groomed for work - and I did get to blot (bravo desk blotters) just before the page loaded! =D

Gonna go check out yours, Nikki! I'm sure you look lovely anyway. =)

Connie De Alwis said...

em's looking hot at the spot! ;)

Eli said...

Bloody hell, woman. What blush you are using?

petra said...

vewwy nice. you ma fashion goddess too.

Kahani said...

*rotfl* Ok I must aim to get this tag more often. Wah so many compliments over my work look...

Eli: SN's mineral blush in Charming. No touch-ups too yay for the lasting power of Revlon Colorstay!

Petra: What nonsense you talking woman, you can't see what I'm wearing!