May 06, 2009

Sweet Stains: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

Of all the stains I have this is at present, the closest in shade and nature to Benetint as it is a rosy sheer red that functions both as a lip & cheek stain. Although many (including me) have regarded this as a cheaper version of Benetint, I'd like to point out that the Lip & Cheek Stain in shade 01 (it's the ONLY non LE shade) is very affordable in Malaysia at only RM39 for 8ml while Benetint (if you buy it online) is RM100 for 12.5 ml making TBS RM3 cheaper per ml than Benetint. It's also very wonderfully portable and I prefer its doe-foot applicator to Benetint's rather tickly brush.

It is more pigmented than Benetint as I swiped it only once on my hand below, and I swiped Benetint twice. In undertones it is also cooler than Benetint, although the difference is slight, I do believe that this makes it a little less friendly to warmer-toned girls. On me (I'm cool-toned), it's more brightening than Benetint but at the same time, less natural.

So since the one-coat, two-coat lip routine worked so well in the Benetint post...

One Coat

Two Coats

I'm sorry the pics are so darned washed out. I found a setting that's great for faces lousy for lips - and only just realised it. If enough people complain I'll redo the pics...*grumble grumble*

See what I mean about good for faces? It doesn't give that awful flashed-out effect.

On Cheeks and Lips

This is more gel-like than Benetint, and therefore doesn't seem to sink as easily into the lines on my lips - making it a better option.

On the cheeks I find Benetint lasts longer, but TBS is easier to blend in. However, Benetint is sheerer so it's harder to overdo. TBS well... two dots too many and you're in Clown City. No fear, just grab the powder foundation and blend blend blen to nudge yourself back over the city border.

And oh yes, in my previous review, I forgot to mention Benetint smells of roses. A scent that I prefer greatly to TBS's stain. This one smells like sickly sweet cough syrup. Euch! Thank goodness it fades away really fast.

On my hand below it's the second from right, and well it doesn't hold up to soap and water very well.
But I wore it about all day and it lasted with minimal fading through a light meal, drinks, and a hot sweaty day. So yay!

If you're a cool toned girl, this is definitely a great option to Benetint. Especially when you can buy it at any TBS store as opposed to having to ship it over from the US. For everyday base-wear though I still tend towards Benetint as this is twice as pigmented and less natural a red.


LyNn said...

ooo thanks for the review!
for cool tone eh?
this probably a downfall for me.
i think im warm.
but still i want thiss hahaha tempted

plue said...

no idea if i am warm or cool toned, but i have this in the old packaging :P

works very well for me, instantly brighten my face, making me look fairer and radiant. ahahaha.

i want the benetint, u make it look so good! but i dunwanna shelve out that much of a money! :P

prettybeautiful said...

thanks for the review. i have been lemming for benetint more than ever since i read your review the other day. :(

if anyone is doing a spree for benefit pls let me know!!!

Jenn said...

Great review Kahahi!! It looks great on your lips!!

I agree that this one's more suited for cool toned girls on the lips! On warm tones like mine, it looks a little too bright! :D Still, i love it as a cheek tint... it's my ultimate travelling blush! :D

Kahani said...

Lynn: Hey girl not saying a warm-toned girl can't wear it. Just saying it won't look as natural. I think it'll still look pretty.

Plue: You are definitely cool-toned lah. Or cool-ish.

PrettyB: That's the plan! But this really is good to have too.

Jenn: Thanks babe! And yes I think I'll take this travelling instead of Benetint now. I forgot how much I liked it actually. =D

LyNn said...

haha but i love natural looking blush.
if i use any less natural ones my bf will go.
why your face like monkey ass one?

petra said...

gawp. emerlee. you evil. i was at tbs yesterday and all smug i didn't get any makeup.

and i told eli, no more blush. enough already!

and this satisfies my critter friendly requirements. aiya

prettybeautiful said...

argh! im despo now. LOL. can i just go get one from TBS first?

Natural Cosmetics said...

This is quite a rave review of the Lip & Cheek Stain from The Body Shop. I guess the best part of it is its price which makes it more affordable to give it a try. :-)

petra said...

Tried it today. Liked it on my cheeks, didn't put much on my lips. Will wait till I'm in KL to purchase - it's NZ$24 here (exchange rate roughly NZ$1=RM2.20).

Kahani said...

Lynn: your boyfriend need to learn him some manners! Paint him with stain one night and take pics.

PrettyB: Hee hee, i know you bought it alreaddyyyyy

Natural Cosmetics: The price, the useability, the portabilty. And very very important... the pretty. =D

Petra: Oh ye gods, so much more worth it here babe. And it'd look very pretty on you. I can tell. *nods wisely*