May 07, 2009

DIY Beauty: Making lipglosses from SN Mineral Blush

Many of you have heard me banging on about how much I love mixing Silk Naturals' Mineral Blushes with clear gloss to use on my lips. I find there's an added prettiness when the blush and gloss match exactly. This little secret is partly behind the pretty-factor for lip & cheek products like Posietint, Stila Convertibles, and Nars the Multiple.

The only thing I didn't like about mixing the blush with gloss was the inconvenience and mess factor. If I dipped the brush in it, I'd contaminate the blush. If I tipped it out, there'd be waste. If I used my finger, I'd have to wash my hands. Plus it was impossible to top-up the gloss during the day.

So WHY it took me so long to pre-mix my blushes I don't know. I chose my three favourite gloss - blush combinations, Climax (Orgasm dupe), Babydoll (MAC Dollymix dupe), and Forbidden (Nars Outlaw dupe).

And just LOOK at the pretty-pretty colours!

(Please pardon the messy swatches)

(L-R) Babydoll, Climax & Forbidden

As you can see, the glosses are darker than their blush counterparts. And you slap on gloss, and dust on the blush so don't worry, your cheeks and lips will never be identical!

How to
As instructions go, this is going to be mighty useless I'm afraid as I don't have exact measurements for ANYTHING. I can only tell you that everything worked first go, and here's what I did.

First off, I know SN blushes are safe for lip-use as I have checked this with Karen. Please don't try this with any blush you're not sure about.

I used 5g jars that SN blush samples used to come in. I transfered the sifters into the newer SN sample jars (they are sifterless and can result in a poof of pink powder if you're in a rush). And I gave the jars a wash and dry first.

Next I shook the blush tubs about a bit so there was a goodly amount above the sifter before unscrewing the cap.

Then I used the little spatula to spoon a small amount of blush into the jar. Start small, as you can always add more.

Squirt a small amount of clear gloss in, and keep adding as needed.

I cut cotton-buds in two, and used the non-cottony bit to stir.

Keep stirring and adding one thing or another until you have the desired amount and consistency.

So how do they look?

Judge for yourself. =)
Climax (from a previous review)

(Yes trying out new too-pink foundy here - Bleh! Luckily it was free)

And my personal fave:


So will this be your next DIY Beauty project?


AskMeWhats said...

Love your last photo! It's like a PROFILE PIX worthy!!! You look HAWT!! Great job on your DIY :)

Connie De Alwis said...

foooo yohhhh. that last pic... modelesque... Thanks for the tut! My SN Lovelace blush doesn't show up on me so I'm turning it into a gloss!

LyNn said...

wow those glosses look fantastic.
so glossy yummy and pretty.

Kahani said...

Ooh thanks ladies - angles, angles. Must find a way to correct the yellow tone of the pic though. Yargh, cameras are tricky things.

Lynn: And they give you this "new-gloss" rush when you didn't spend anything. Not to mention the artsy-craftsy look-what-I-did-ma rush. =D

Ghost said...

Wow kahani

Those glosses are so gorgoues and you look fan-tab-u-las!!!!! Right its off to boots tomorrow at lunch to get a nice clear gloss

Eli said...

O.o You look so doe-eyed and innocent in the last, unlike your usual gamine self.

Def going to turn Babydoll into a gloss. It looks awful on me as a blush.

Kahani said...

Ghost: Thanks dearie! Do let me know how it all works out, and your fave mineral blush - gloss mix. =)

Eli: hehehe I KNOW right? Now how the hell do I replicate that angle?? If babydoll doesn't work for you as a gloss either, pop in some climax to make it warmer. ;)

Packgal said...

great post! i actually tried this with tart light after you mentioned it awhile back, and it turned out so good (the gloss that resulted looks alot like the new bloom gloss SN released). i'm glad you showed in the pic what clear gloss you used, cause i need a new tube :)

Kahani said...

Hey Whitney, ooh so glad it worked out for you! I believe quite a few of SN's glosses are actually based on the blush pigments - but I love the sheer glossy finish of a liquid gloss and she has so few Liquid Wand Glosses. LOL glad my post helped you with a decision, but this is a rather old tube - hope they still sell it. It looks and smells great!

Natural Cosmetics said...

This seems to be quite a comprehensive guideline on mixing blushes and glosses to get the desired color. The mixed colors in the images are simply lovely. This is no doubt a real cool tip. :-)

Kahani said...

Thanks Natural Cosmetics! Gonna try it out yourself?