May 28, 2009

Duped: Benefit's 10 Highlighter/ Bronzer Duo (Again)

This is the second Benefit 10 dupe featured on So Loverly! You can read all about the first one here and Kahani's rave on the real deal here

I stumbled upon the new Australis Duo Powders a few days ago and was thinking, "Hmm... This looks familiar... " when lightbulbs started going off in my head.

"NARS Blush and Bronzing Duos! Eh, no... The NARS powders are in separate pans and e.l.f. does their dupe."

Then I got it.

"Benefit's 10!"

So smack me and call me a dodo, it took me that long to figure it out. The square compact, the dual toned powder and the large brush would have had anyone else squealing "DUPE" within 3 seconds. Even the application instructions are similar to Benefit's sexy sweep.

I have only checked these out at Target but from what i have seen so far, the Australis Powder Duos seems a lot more travel-friendly from Benefit's 10. The packaging isn't as pretty as Benefit's 10 as it comes in a plain black square, palm-sized plastic compact. But it seems to be pretty sturdy with a good clip and there are two compartments -- one for the brush and another for the powder -- and a mirror.

A point in the Australis Duo's favour is that this comes in 3 different shades (from left to right in the picture): Sunkissed Glimmer, Rosy Bronze and Sunkissed Gold. Sunkisser Glimmer is more of a highlighter/ bronzer duo whilst the other two are blush/ bronzer duos. I would recommend Sunkissed Glimmer for the really fair, Sunkissed Gold for those with fair to light/ medium tones and Rosy Bronze for darker skin tones. I am personally lemming for Rosy Bronze as a blush/ bronzer and Sunkissed Gold as a highlighter/ bronzer.

I don't have swatches of these (lighting in Target is horrible!) but the powder duos seems to be rather smooth and pigmented with a light shimmery finish. I was pleased to see that it was pretty-discrete shimmery, not in-your-face-disco-ball shimmery.

These would be lovely products for the summer and I think Australis made a mistake by not launching them earlier in the year. However, this doesn't seem to have affected sales as Sunkissed Glimmer was completely sold out when I spotted these the other day.

I haven't had the chance to try Benefit's 10 so I can't say for sure how well these two products compare in quality. Judging from the packaging (travel-friendly packaging is always a big point for me), variety and price, I think the Australis Powder Duo wins out for me. Instead of spending AUD 49, I could buy all 3 duos and have change for a movie.

The Australis Powder Duos is a Target exclusive product so hop over to your nearest Target and check it out!


Connie De Alwis said...

Great find!! I saw a very similar dupe by Kevin Beautymaker too at half the price. I was tempted, of course! But not of importance yet ;) Oh how I love dupes....

Eli said...

I know, I love dupes! And this comes in three colours, woo hoo! How much was the Kevin Beautymaker dupe you found?

Oh, tell me if you want me to grab this for you. ;)

Natural Cosmetics said...

This is quite a comprehensive review of the Highlighter/ Bronzer Duo of Benefit's 10. It would surely help many girls out there to decide whether to go for it. :)