May 12, 2009

MAC Double Dazzle Haul

So remember I said about a week or so back that MAC Double Dazzle had finally arrived and how I was tempted to get 4 of them? (Sorry for the late write up, I hope they're still well-stocked.)

Guess what? I totally caved, and got ALL the four I wanted. But I was fortunate enough that I didn't have to pay full price, many thanks to Kahani (thanks for your gift voucher dearie!). =P

So read on for more piccies and swatches.

The haul. *happiness* =D

The four dazzlers I got.

Without flash: (L-R)Love Alert, Date Night, Smile and Baby Sparks.

With flash:(L-R)Love Alert, Date Night, Smile and Baby Sparks.

Aren't they uber dazzling? Ooooh.. I can't wait to use them for a glam night out. Smile is totally me, and Baby Sparks screams cute and safe. But I'm also at a stage to try out bolder colours, hence Love Alert and Date Night.

And just a reminder, they are really sticky. But for their shimmer and dazzle-ness, I'm willing to make exceptions.

And oh, they they cost RM80 each, which should have totalled RM320. But with the voucher, it was only RM220! How cool is that! =D *woohoo*

So anyone gonna run to MAC for them? Or have you already?


Askmewhats said...

that is great to have a voucher!!! I wish MAC down here has vouchers!!! But girl girl girl! the colors are fab, can't wait to see you use them :)

plue said...

omg omg omg!

u got 2 of the colours i wanted! Love Alert & Date Night! OMG OMG OMG!

lol. i can't stop going nutty the moment i saw this.

are they LE? Jenn told me it's permanent in US, but not so in Msia :(

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh!! I like Smile :D

Thanks goodness I'm not too lipgloss-obsessed to get MAC lipglosses.hah!

Kahani said...

OOh so pweettyyy!

I'm drawn to Love Alert and Smile...

Eli said...

Ooooh. I like Smile too.

Renee said...

Love Alert looks so pink... I love it!

I've heard so much about Dazzleglass, though may I ask if the glitter is too much? I know it's meant to "dazzle" haha but I can't take too much glitter :P



beetrice said... and your lipgloss addiction!! thankfully my addiction isn't that expensive (I think)..ROFL! :)

so when do we get to see this in action?

gio said...

Love Alert looks gorgeous!

Jenn said...

OMG Dazzleglass porn!!! :D~~~~ So sweet of Kahani to give you those vouchers! :D

I have Baby Sparks and Love Alert, and they're GORGEOUS!! Enjoy your new babies ya!!

Smile is REALLY calling out my name!! Gah hurry up already MAC India!!! >.<

ps: you've been tagged! ;)

Syen said...

Nikki: Oh yes, the voucher was awesome. I've been saving them for when I REALLY want to buy something without forking everything out from my pocket. =P

Plue: I'm not sure whether or not they're going to perm though. So you gonna run to MAC for them?

Connie: I like Smile too. =P

Kahani: Oh yes. VERY pwetty. =)

Eli: *high fives*

Renee: Helloo! I've always been a shimmer person. As you can see in lipglosseater's piccies, it doesnt actually look SO bling, but I think with yellow lighting, it'll bring out the dazzle and glitter more. Otherwise, it's actually quite ok. But definitely expect more glitz than your average lipgloss though.

Bee: Ironically babe, I'm actually more of a lipstick person. Not fully lipgloss. Soon, I hope. =P

gio: It is really pretty. =)

Jenn: She gave me the vouchers as last year's birthday pressie. And I haven't used them until now. So which ones are you going to get now? Smile + Goldyrocks + etc etc etc??? LOL.

plue said...

i told myself and swore to Jenn and myself that I am not stepping into MAC until Colour Craft launches!

but then again, give me a 10% chance that i'll go wild and buy that dazzleglasses :P

Syen said...

Plue: *tee hee* I don't think I'll be surprised. Next stop, COLOUR CRAFT!


plue said...

i am tat easy to read huh??? :P

but i guess it's fun being a little wild! am looking forward to Style Warriors too!

A said...

Love Alert and Baby Sparks are my favourite! I got Baby Sparks last year and I was really thrilled when MAC made Dazzleglass permanent items. They're so beautiful :)