May 04, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bit: My lashed-out experience with Lancome Oscillation in the Mobile Lash Lab

When I was a wee lass I'd chase after ice cream trucks. Now I'm grown, and have left childish ways behind me.... I chase mascara trucks. Or to be precise, the Lancome Mobile Lash Lab that contains all the goodies to make my puny lashes flirty and long!

The cheerful black-clad and perspiring (it's rather warm in there) lash-labrats will measure your eyelashes (no I'm not kidding) in length and angle before and after they doctor them. Before being treated with the Lancome Lash Primer and their secret weapon - Lancome Oscillation Mascara (pix), my lashes were at a puny 5mm length and virtually straight at 100º (90º would be dead-on straight when my eyes are open).

So, how did the my lashes respond to the treatment?

I don't need to tell you which side has been 'done' and which side is au-natural do I?

After my lashes were "Oscillated" - it feels truly odd to have your lashes vibrated by the way - they achieved an extra 2mm in length making them 7mm. Plus, without curling and only this wonder-mascara, they headed upwards at a 135º inclination - which means they curled 35º upwards!

So what's stopping me from switching heart, soul and lashes over to this mascara forever and ever? Well, it's RM120 each. That's why. Which makes them very much a special-occasion thing. But if you do have a special occasion or two coming up this is very much worth your moolah as it really does work. Plus the batteries in the wand (which only vibrates when you press a button, genius!) will last you 9 months and the mascara is supposed to last 6 months after you crack it open.

Or better yet, win yourself one! Head over to Connie's blog where she's running a competition with a tube of Lancome Oscillation as the prize!

So how is this a Monday Beauty Bit? Well, I'm gonna tell you where, when and how you can catch the Lash Lab, and what's in it for you:

The first 50 customers to visit the Lancome Mobile Lash Lab at each of its locations for a lash diagnosis will receive a sample tube of Lancome’s signature Virtuose mascara as well as an eyebrow trimming voucher worth RM50. Even if you're not in the first 50, there are still offers worth up to RM70 up for grabs.

Kuala Lumpur
- 4th May (That's TODAY!): SS15 (near Asia Cafe)
- 5th May (Tues): Jalan Raja Chulan (near Bangunan AmBank)
- 6th May (Wed): Damansara Uptown (near Uptown 5)
- 11th May (Mon): Jalan Sultan Ismail (near Menara KH)
- 12th May (Tues): Jalan Raja Laut (near Bangunan KWSP)
- 13th May (Wed): Puchong Jaya (near HSBC)
- 14th May (Thurs): Bukit Tinggi commercial area, Klang
- 15th May (Fri): Aman Suria
- 16th May (Sat): Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (near Sogo Shopping Center)
- 17th May (Sun): Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Center, Putrajaya

Johor Bahru
- 1st May (Fri): Jusco Tebrau City (Entrance 2)
- 2nd May (Sat): Plaza Pelangi

- 3rd May (Sun): Mahkota Parade

- 7th May (Thurs): Jalan Northam
- 8th May (Fri): Gurney Plaza
- 9th May (Sat): Queensbay Mall

- 10th May (Sun): Kinta City

Opening Hours:
Weekdays (Mon - Fri): 11am to 3pm
Weekends (Sat & Sun & Shopping Malls): 11am to 6pm


AskMeWhats said...

HUGE difference wow! I've tried it and I love the experience, I know some people say it's "exaggerated" by the way they advertise it, but I've used it, it works :)

LyNn said...

what did you manage to get from their van?
hehe were you the first 50? :)

Lisa said...

I chased after Milo track too! Ahh, good memories. Yeah RM120 is stopping me to buy the mascara too.

Kahani said...

Nikki: Yes it does doesn't it? I also love how I can bypass the curler if I'm lazy.

Lynn & Lisa: All the beauty bloggers at the event got a complimentary tube of Lancome Oscillation mascara to test. I'm keeping mine for special occasions. =)

Shuu said...

your eyes look more defined with the mascara :D if only i didn't have meeting today, I'd head down to SS15 :(

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh... I can see your lashes?

I've only got one contestant entering the contest though :-/ nobody really that interested in the mascara even though it's free?

Kahani said...

Shuu: If you spot the truck be sure to enter Connie's contest!

Connie: Don't be disappointed - chances are they just haven't seen the truck yet!

LyNn said...

how do they know that you are a beauty blogger.
haha am i considered?
connie dear i wanted to enter but the van wasnt at the spot!
or maybe it was late. :(
bye bye lancome i still want you :P