May 02, 2009

Review: Missha Rose Water Softening Serum

My first review as a non-guest writer! Yay! (Just wish that it was something more exciting... like my quest for world domination, for example)

It took me a while to realise that I had turned 22. It felt like one of those strange coming of age things you go through: having your first crush, getting your first period, buying your first pair of jeans…

Me? I went out and bought my first skin serum.

It was The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost. Worked well but the gel kept balling up on my face and as a bottle could only last me for over a month, I simply couldn’t afford it. So I decided to give Missha’s Rose Water Softening Serum a whirl instead. At AUD 12.90 for 40 ml, it couldn’t do much damage to my pocket.

There are two different Rose Water Serums in the Missha skincare range. One is for normal/ dry skin (that’s the one I am reviewing) and the other is for oil control. I opted for the Skin Softening version as my skin was rather parched during spring last year.

This serum is in the form of a lightweight lotion which sinks in quite quickly after application, leaving your skin feeling soft and plump to the touch. About 2-3 pumps is sufficient for your whole face and neck area. Unsurprisingly, it has a light rose scent which is thankfully pleasant and doesn’t linger on your skin for ages unlike some other products I have tried.

What I really like about this serum is its packaging. The pump bottle is pretty sturdy (I think it can actually double up as a weapon) which is a godsend for me. I can toss this into my bag without having to worry about it breaking or leaking all over my things.

While I was using this in Australia, I had to layer another moisturiser on top as it wasn’t moisturising enough. In Malaysia (and while travelling around SEA) though, I found that I could use the serum by itself under some sunscreen during the daytime.

So, is this a hit or a miss?

Hmm. I would have to put it somewhere in between. This isn’t the best skin serum on the market as all it does is soothe your skin and provide some extra hydration. It doesn’t do anything for fine lines or enlarged pores but then again, neither does it claim to. I am guessing that if you don’t have any real skin problems, this would be a nice introduction to using skin serums for that extra mini-oomph.

If you are interested in checking this one out, hop over to the Missha store at QVB, Sydney on the Lower Ground floor. It's opposite Lush so you can't miss it!

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